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You Need To Make The Most Of This Life, It’s Not Going To Repeat

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Ever heard the story of the fool who kept throwing stones in the river in the dark of the light, and when the day broke he found himself with a handful of diamonds, the rest of which he had mindlessly thrown away from himself, never to be found again.

Isn’t it funny that a guy could lose all that wealth just by unknowingly throwing away the priceless treasure he had found?

But before laughing at the stupidity if that fictional man, stop and think if you are any different? Sure if you found a bag of mysterious stones you’d wait until daylight to throw them away. But you do have a treasure of your own, much more precious than a few diamonds that you throw away every day. It is your time.

Every day, we get a limited and precious treasure. That is 1440 precious minutes which makes up our day. All of us have that exact same time. And even though it might seem that the time you have is never enough, you actually have exactly how much you need.

Taking out 8 hours each for work/study and sleep, you get 2 hours each for meals and entertainment as well. That still leaves you with 4 hours, which could be used for anything in the world, and rather we use it for mindless and unproductive disagreements and altercations.

What we need to do with these 4 hours is to use them in a way that is crucial for our betterment and an elevated existence.

We need to look for the higher purpose in life for which we were born. Now the first response to such a suggestion is usually that we seem to scarcely have enough time to manage our every day struggle, who has the time to go on a Spiritual quest in the middle of weekend.

But that’s where we are deeply mistaken, unless we know the deeper meaning of our life, all these trivial pursuits will fail in the long run. This is like overworking your body when you have a very prominent injury in some part of your body. You keep ignoring the pain, saying that you need to train because the marathon is coming nearer.

And all that time the injury keeps getting worse, to the point that on the day of the marathon you cannot even manage to get out of the bed and might have caused yourself a lifelong injury.

Do you now understand the importance of seeking the way of God? It will not just enlighten your life’s mission, but it will also help you in dealing with your everyday in a better way. It will enhance your understanding of the world with its toils and troubles, and it will teach you how to get over these setbacks.

When the hand of the supreme Creator is behind you, any of the problems created as a part of his creation would be easy to maneuver as well. You need to introspect and utilize your time better if you want to be able to fully enjoy the gift of life you have been given.

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