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The Staff Of This Hospital Get Together To Pray For The Patients Everyday

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by Conscious Reminder

The Belief that someone out there is listening and granting your wishes isn’t necessary to believe that prayer can be powerful. Words by themselves are quite meaningless.

It is only when you infuse them with faith do they have power. A faithless person can chant the most beautiful prayer ever but it becomes meaningless drabble. Only the faithful will ever get an answer. 

You don’t even have to believe in a particular God from a particular religion to believe in prayer. Just think about it.

There’s this higher power that binds every single creature in the universe together. Every thought is connected to this network so when we are positive, other positive things will be attracted to us.

However, thoughts contain very little energy so it is not enough to just ask for things. In his book, Brian Tracy advices readers to follow a simple technique – Note down ten things you wish to achieve in the coming three years. In fact, make it over and above what you think is possible for you.

I followed his advice and jotted down ten things that didn’t really seem possible at the time. Then I left that piece of paper in storage with some other things.

A little over three years later, I went there to pick up a trunk and found that paper again. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to check my list till that moment and when I did read it, I realize that I had achieved all but two of them.

While I did pray when I made that list, they didn’t just magically work out. By sending out these positive thoughts, I got so much energy that I was able to put in all the hard work necessary to make my dream come true.

This incident strengthened my belief in prayer so now I have a personal prayer that I look at before going to work every day.

Prayer is a manifestation of the thankfulness we feel. It is also a means of discovering a new source of strength inside ourselves and of lending that strength to others.

Watch this touching video of hospital staff praying for those in their care:


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