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Intense New Moon In Scorpio On November 7th: The Power Of Seduction

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by Conscious Reminder

On the 7th of November, we will see the New Moon, occurring in the sing of Scorpio.

The astrology of this period actually carries the topic of the T-square together with the Nodes; however, currently, it will also plug into a triangle of learning. The nearest aspect of the Moon will be the trine to the planet Neptune.

Also, the Moon has a curiosity of a child, and it is quite tender, as well as affectionate. However, it is also in its fall. All those energies which will appear during this period are impure, as well as desirous, and they will emphasize seduction too. Here, the Moon will need sexuality, and it will also adore the love affairs process.

Those people that are going to be touched by this New Moon can have the luck to discover that they can come to everyone they would like to in their love surrounding. This Moon is actually one of the sirens, together with the song which hypnotizes the sailors.

The Moon being in trine aspect with the planet Neptune could actually become extraordinarily devoted to the ones they love, but they will also have to be very careful of the yearning to consolidate to not leave them without the feeling of self. During the period of the New Moon, we can do what we can, as they actually put such an extraordinary devotion to an obsessive passion.

This period is also going to take the fantasy part of the planet Neptune and will try to construct an ideal place. A budding salvation quality exists within and is also in accordance with the hope, as well as dreams of ordinary people. The caring side that this Moon has can actually take on beyond the personal role of nursing the entire world.

What is the meaning of this New Moon?

Actually, New Moons are periods of planting new seeds, as well as of new beginnings. In a period of New Moon, we are actually working one hundred percent on the instincts we have, so decisions made during this period will come from your habitual navigators, as well as childish cravings that are probably not the best enjoyments we have. Above all, we need to listen and pay attention to our bodies.

This period can also work strong manifestation of magic as our Moon is actually the furthest thing from our planet and this also gives freedom to the imagination of physical borders. Also, the seeds which you planted during this period are going to grow, so, you need to be very careful about your wishes.

Solar Eclipses can also be quite a mighty reboot. The Sun’s light will be blocked for enough period of time in order to acquire some new perspectives. It will refresh you, as well as alert you, but there is a possibility that it will turn the world head over heels.

This is the primary New Moon following Halloween and that period of 2018 will always have the quality of fallen angels to it too. For example, sailors or some other travelers will also be tempted by the magical tones of the song of sirens. Also, some planets will be in retrograde during this period, which includes the planet of love, Venus.

The exceptional vibrations of the New Moon are of the measurable, but they are in fact, secured with Neptune’s romance.

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