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How To Find The Perfect Balance During The Aries New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The new moon in April 2021 is scheduled to take place on 11th April. It will kick-start the new cycle for the stars.

The zodiac signs will get an opportunity to express their inner leadership qualities driven by this powerful lunation period.

This is mainly owing to the beginning of a new astrological year. And the 1st new moon during this spring season. So take notes on how to wield the power of this new moon in your favor.

The Aries lunation brings forth a large new moon because Aries represents the fire sign that is cardinal in the zodiac house. As a result, this lunation motivates us to fearlessly move towards achieving our desires.

During this phase, taking impulsive actions is bound to be more effective as compared to overthinking and waiting for the ideal moment to arrive.

Aries is accompanied by high energy. Hence, this new moon is making alignment with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. This will lead to fireworks in our spirits, hearts, and mind. Keep reading to find a list of Dos and Don’ts during this lunation.

Things You Should Do

I. Take Risk & Explore

Usually, new moons usher new beginnings. This new moon is more special due to its occurrence this astrological year for the first time. So, capitalize on the fighter spirit in you and embark on an adventurous and unknown path. The fortunate Jupiter and harmonious sextile features of Mercury will bring good luck to your adventures.

II. Honor Aries With Candle Ritual

This lunation is taking place in the fire sign of Aries. This is ideal for a ritual in honor of your ambitions and plans. A candle ritual under the new moon is the easiest and widely practiced ritual. The details and process can be easily found on the internet. Candle rituals combine the power of fire with your thoughts to manifest a deep cosmic reverberation.

III. Make Bold Moves With The Moon’s Force

The special new moon has a sextile aspect that is very positive with overflowing physical energy and motivation. Gather all your bravery to take spontaneous decisions and actions to attain your goals. Maintain a positive approach and stay enthusiastic.

Things You Should Not Do

I. Stay Shy Or Inexpressive 

Aries represents the self and ego that tend to make people selfish. Although you must drive towards your desires during this span of time, remember to maintain a balance between being selfish and self-loving. This is the time to grab the wheels and power through the obstacles. Get things done instead of being shy and reticent.

II. Worry About Others Expectations

The Libra full moon in March emphasized partnerships and relationships. However, the times have changed and the cosmic alignment demands a focus on the self. Reconnect with your inner desire and authentic self by igniting the fire within. Stop worrying about other people’s expectations and stop appeasing people around you. During this new moon, focus on yourself and reflect on your goals and wants in life.

III. Over-Competitive Achieving Goals

This lunation will significantly boost your confidence and make you feel energized and motivated in the right direction. Nonetheless do not squash the ambitions of others in order to fulfill yours. The square configuration between Pluto and the Moon is tense. Thus, it will bring some hurdles in the path of success in the form of cut-throat competition. Yet the fiery energy of Aries will help you to overcome these challenges. So stay focused and celebrate the success with your loved ones.

This new moon in April 2021 has fiery energy along with a harmonizing effect. Such contradictory emotions are a result of the cosmic alignments that will bring great success and adventure if one can stay attentive and positive.

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