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Kundalini Awakening Process: How To Awaken It

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There are lots of techniques and practices that are said to help boost your well-being or help you achieve personal fulfillment. This makes it tough to tell what will really work for you, and what is misleading or simply unhelpful. In addition, browsing through self-help literature reveals hundreds of unfamiliar words with confusing meanings, so you may be tempted to simply shrug and move on.

However, before you dismiss the idea of kundalini, it’s important to see that this might well be the concept you’ve been waiting for.

Those who have experienced the awakening of their Kundalini will be able to tell you that their lives have been radically changed. Physically and mentally, they are not the same people that they were before.

:: Kundalini Awakening

The Kundalini sits coiled at the bottom of the spinal cord. It is a life giving energy that is there from when you are born till the time you die. It will leave your body only when life leaves it and will return to the universe.

Anyone can awaken their Kundalini but it is usually only those who take the effort to develop their spirituality and those who have been through some extremely tough situations who end up experiencing an awakening, the former more than the latter.

When the process begins, the Kundalini will unwound itself and radiate throughout the physical form of the person. It can take a few minutes or even a few years but no one has been able to find out why the time taken varies from person to person.

The spreading energy slowly eliminates any blocks that prevent chakra from flowing freely though the body. There are a number of side-effects that happen at the time of awakening, like all the chakras being activated, which those who desire to awaken their Kundalini have to learn about.

:: How to awaken the Kundalini

Regularly engaging in spiritual rituals is the most effective way to do this. But no matter which path is taken, it will be a difficult task.

As it happens, the Kundalini awakens of its own accord when a person faces a traumatic situation but this does not work out well because that person is usually not prepared for the radical change they are about be part of.

Yoga, meditation and other methods can be practiced to ensure that when the time comes, the body and mind are ready to face it. You need to be well in tune with your own higher self in order for the process to take place. There is no hard and fast route for this.

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