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These Are The Five Real Reasons For Your Twin Flame Separation

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by Conscious Reminder

Separations were never meant to be easy but the intensity is ten times higher when it’s between twin flames. The pain is unbearable and it feels like someone just ripped a part of you.

Breaking away from your twin soul can devastate you and leave you feeling barren. This is because of the sort of love and passion we have for them which makes parting one of the toughest things you can experience in life.

Every relationship has its phases. It starts from the honeymoon phase which is all about rainbows and butterflies but once that phase ends the tougher agonizing phase of the twin flame relationship begins. Between what is meant and not said and what is said but not meant, a lot of love is lost.

Ego and anger get the better of both of you and the problems that didn’t exist previously start playing a vital role in your relationship. So much that you can’t look at anything beyond the heart-wrecking issues. But the twin flame couple that survives this phase is likely to conquer every other aspect that awaits ahead in life.

There are more factors other than ego crashes that become the reason for the twin soul separation. To know what these are, continue reading.

1. Psychological and spiritual immaturity

Maturity doesn’t have a lot to do with age. Some people reach a different level of patience and understanding at a very young age whereas some need a couple of years and experiences. Psychological and spiritual immaturity can play an important role in breaking your bond with your twin flame. We all are vulnerable and egoistic when we are immature and that can have a direct effect on our relationship.

2. Self-love and respect

You can’t love someone wholeheartedly if you aren’t in love with yourself first. How are you going to make them feel fine about their mistakes if you don’t feel fine with yours in the first place? The love that you are willing to offer to someone else should be given to yourself first.

3. Lack of life experiences

When you haven’t experienced a lot in while, you are more emotionally and psychologically inconsiderate. We tend to become empathetic towards others only when we have gone through some amount of pain previously. Before you enter a relationship with your twin flame, try to gain enough experience of life in total. See if you are capable of taking responsibility of someone in sickness and difficulty. Travel a little. Learn to cook. Learn to be patient and committed even when you two are distant.

4. Heal

Life is full of ups and downs and some downs can really break us. Sometimes we meet our twin flame when we are at our lowest but make sure to recover before entering something new. Carrying the dead body of your past will never allow your present self to bloom.

5. This isn’t your time

This might be one of the most hurtful of all the reasons. Sometimes, everything is perfect but the time. And if time isn’t in your favor, there’s not a lot that you can do about it. You can surely wait because your twin just can’t walk away. They aren’t just any random person you’ve come across.

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