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Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Spirit Animal, Find Out Which One Is Yours

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by Conscious Reminder

In some time in our lives, we feel so down while we try to repair something, as well as maintain things in life, with ourselves in that group too, that no thing is as funny for us as before.

We also lose contact with the unconstrained selves, as well as the animals inside us. To reconnect with the rising sign into you means to get out of some closed space and feel alive once again. There is a spiritual animal for each of the rising signs to remind us what resides inside us.

From an astrological point of view, the rising sign is called Ascendant too, and it is, in fact, the sign of the Zodiac facing the east range of the time you came to this world.

In the spiritual world, a lot of correspondences exist, but the one thing to which almost everyone relates to is the kingdom of animals. Nature is the best place of seeking inspiration within you.

When the rising sign you have is, in fact, animal, which one would it actually be? Some things about that animal, such as where it actually lives, how it feeds and lives in its world can show you numerous ways of supporting yourself and nature too.

What is your spirit animal that corresponds to your Zodiac sign?

Here are the spiritual animals from the sign of Aries to the sign of Pisces.

Aries spirit animal: Wolf.

Wolves are animals that signify growth, as well as intuition, trust, adaptability, instinct or guardianship. They teach us how we can avoid non-essential confrontation. They are a vicious predator, and they often trust their intuition, without being afraid of taking some action. This animal re-establishes a bond with the wild spirit in you and even helps you remember that you have responsibility for your own life.

Taurus spirit animal: Pig.

The pig is a symbol of prosperity, luck, wealth, swift motion, as well as determination. Demeter, a goddess from Greek mythology, had a pig which became a fertility symbol. The pig is a naturally clean, friendly, as well as comfortable animal. It knows how to provide itself with comfort, and how to spend some hours of playing, exploring and relaxing when in nature.

Gemini spirit animal: Shallow.

The swallow is an animal which displays some impressive air-acrobatics in order to catch the insects in the air. It is a symbol of speed, happiness, connection, problem-solving, as well as self-discovery. It can also bring some new perceptions, as well as joy and playfulness.

Cancer spirit animal: Salmon.

To swim upstream, just like the salmon does at a time of spawning, is a symbol of spiritual development. There is no a thing which can stop them from getting back to their place of birth. They remind us that we should not stop trying, as well as be strong. You should also honor your roots and even know the place you were born, or continue and grow up.

Leo spirit animal: Kingfisher.

These animals are stunning light blue, as well as green colored and the dark crest they have is a symbol of royalty. They teach us to go straight into love or any activity. They are often connected with abundance, sunshine, love, and warmth.

Virgo spirit animal: Dog.

As we all know, dogs are a symbol of love, friendship, loyalty, and protection. They show us how to be faithful, heal one another with love, as well as be steadfast. Their spirit is hard to be broken.

Libra spirit animal: Dove.

Doves are better known as spiritual messengers that bridge our sky or planet, or even the physical or mental realms. This is the bird of Aphrodite which is a symbol of peace, hope, love, and beauty.

Scorpio spirit animal: Crocodile.

The crocodile is famous as the protector or keeper of knowledge and it teaches us to dive deep in search of truth, even in dark and cold times. It can connect us to some forces of creativity.

Sagittarius spirit animal: Elk.

The elk is actually a symbol of stamina, nobility, energy, wisdom, passion, and strength. These animals reflect a period of prosperity or gratitude, as well as optimism or even feeling perfect for life.

Capricorn spirit animal: Bear

Bears earned the people’s respect as they always stand tall. They teach us to go after our visions, stay on the ground, and be completely sure in what we actually do. They also show us to use resources mindfully, and even protect other people when it is needed.

Aquarius spirit animal: Zebra.

The zebra is actually a symbol of agility, balance, objective insight and speed. It helps us in creatively looking some things, as well as using the different shades of the color grey. It symbolizes a disposition to explore mysteries, as well as experiment.

Pisces spirit animal: Lizard.

The lizard is a symbol of listening to our intuition, paying some attention to our dreams, as well as leaving the past and objective indifference. It actually shows us how to take it easy and escape the battle of life which is longer enough to reinterpret the reality. As they spend time alone, they show us to bless solitude.

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