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April New & Full Moons Are Bringing A Burst Of Powerful Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon will take place in Aries, the fire sign, on 5th April. The month of March may have been a bit shaky due to the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, but April brings us back in charge with Aries, the sign which represents action.

Aries is a sign that not only wants us to concentrate on our goals, but it also makes sure that we act towards it. This New Moon will be a wonderful time for you to start something new.

Or if you have a wish and you wanted to do it for a long time, then this New Moon is the time to manifest it into actions. Aries brings you all the courage that you need.

Now, all that is required for you is to choose and act and move forward in your goals. You can make this thing happen. Believe in yourself.

Aries is full of vibrant energy and so we can’t let it go to waste. We must channelize this energy into something interesting that will keep us focused and dedicated.

Make sure that you are not directing your energy into something that is tedious and monotonous – the Aries energy can quickly get bored.

Choose something that you are excited about and go for it. However, the Aries energy is a bit too wild and if you focus on something for a long period of time, you might lose concentration.

Impulsiveness and becoming short-tempered are some of the bad signs of Aries. We do get frustrated and angry during this phase. Do not let it take over you.

If you are angry, breathe in and out – don’t get hostile. Try to be productive with this fiery energy. You will also be high on physical energy – you can try to use it too. That will deal with your impulsive behaviour and temper.

The Full Moon in April will occur on 19th in the air sign of Libra. When Full Moons occur in Libra, it generally brings the time for us to come together.

We will start to make compromises and adjustments to help our relationships grow and we will deal with the issues that keep us apart from one another.

It is all about growing strong together and letting go of people who bring negativity into our lives. Libra wants peace and it will strive to bring that harmony within friends and family to get that peace.

The Full Moon in March took place in Libra as well and this will be the second full moon. What we faced during the March Full Moon will come to pass yet again in the April Full Moon.

It marks a kind of continuation of different themes. What may have been left unresolved in the March Full Moon will get its final resolution in the Full Moon in April.

Also, the April Full Moon will take place in a special degree, that is, the 29 degree. This is the anaretic degree – or the final degree of a sign, which is also the point of crisis energy.

So, this is a great ending for the Full Moon and it will bring about a culmination of different energies enabling us to complete our objectives fast.

But when so many energies come to us, it might knock us down. We have to stay focused and try to bring the energies in our control.

There are a lot of new energies coming your way. Don’t let it topple you. Channelize it well and you can make things happen for you.

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