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4 Cosmic Events You Cannot Miss In October 2020

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by Conscious Reminder

October is filled with astrological activities, but the skies will also offer us much to enjoy.

While the 1st October Full Moon shone bright last night, the 2nd October night will also have something special to offer. Let’s see what exciting sights October skies will have for us.

1. Mars will be visible next to the Full Moon

Not only do we have the Harvest Moon, which will appear full for the next few days, Mars will also be inching closer to the Moon.

On 2nd October, the Full Moon and Mars will be so close to each other that the Moon’s light will make the red planet easily visible to the naked eye. Binoculars will surely help, but even with unaided yes, you can easily spot Mars next to the Moon.

2. Brightest Mars

Soon after it passes by the Moon, Mars will reach opposition on 13th October. That means Earth will be in between Mars and the Sun, providing us an excellent view of the planet.

Mars in October 2020 will be the brightest, and the next time we see this planet in its full glory will be in 2035! 2020 is the year of Mars, and the planet is going to shine brighter than all our celestial objects.

3. Orionid Meteor Shower

Visible between 20th and 24th October, the Orionid Meteor Shower will peak on the 21st night. As many as 70 meteors per hour are expected in October 2020.

With the Moon creating no interference this time, this shower will be one of the best in recent times. Be prepared for an exciting night!

4. Uranus says Hi!

Not just Mars, Uranus, too, will be quite close to us this October. Halloween night will bring Uranus in opposition, which will make it the brightest and largest this year.

Peaking at midnight, expect to see a spectacular view of this distant planet. And with a Blue Moon rising on the same night, Halloween seems all the more exciting!

October will have quite a busy sky schedule. Make sure you don’t miss these spectacular views covering the skies this month.

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