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Have You Been Losing A Lot Of Soul Power?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In order to lead an entirely energetic, as well as soul-filled life, giving it all that you can actually have and can offer and even being everything that you may and have the ability to be, you will need to keep the power of your soul intact and very strong. Every one of us is created of energy.

Being such energetic creatures, we possess the known energetic cords that we continuously emanate, not matter if consciously or even unconsciously. When directing the thoughts and energies to some individual, object, place, situation or yet an unfinished project, we start establishing that energy cord with everything we focus on.

With more sending our power on that place or obsessing about it, those cords will become stronger and more significant. What in fact occurs is that our energy connects with what concerns us, and our valuable resource actually escapes for our soul, which is the place where we need it the most.

You have probably heard about giving the power away. That is what actually happens. You are not just giving the power away, that is, in fact, some kind of soul leakage; however, you will become vitally entangled when the energy link was established.

We do not say that you should never be connected or we are not talking about disconnecting from people that surround us or even from our life. In fact, you can maintain proper attachments to situations, people and places as well at the time it feeds your soul, as well as supplies you with the energy. We actually refer to all those things which take the power from you and drain you.

Start the journey and create a simple list of everything or everyone that drains you, irritates, or even upsets you, or some problems you are not certain about. This can happen in different areas of your life, which include your work or home life too. Divide the things in it in few categories and review them all. 

Preparing the list is actually a significant step. With its help, you will notice where the energy goes, and you will have the ability to make some decisions which are better informed when dealing with them. Starting this process will be amazing.

You will return your energy, and with doing that, you will also begin to heal all the different parts of yourself. Don’t cut all cords at once. Take it easy, do that slowly and cut them one at a time.

These are several examples about the cause of the draining of energetic cords:

  • Problems and concerns within the family;
  • Unhealthy and unbalanced diet;
  • Lack of physical activity and exercise;
  • Lack of health checkup;
  • Problems in your relationship;
  • Unfinished projects at work, home, or personal;
  • Financial issues which are not resolved;
  • Worrying too much;
  • Taking the issues of someone else as private.

All this means that you should give your best to live and do some things which make you passionate instead of only talking about those things. You should also remember that the body is acting like a big psychic antenna which receives energy, as well as feelings and thoughts, and this same goes to when you send energy.

At the moment, it will be the time to make your energy move in the proper and desired direction, as well as take a hard and long look on life. When communicating with different individuals, you should think about whether they give you or take away energy from you. Also, ask yourself whether some kind of exchange even exists.

A balance should actually always exist between receiving and giving. You should be better conscious of where and when you are giving your power – that power which is intended for you and your soul.

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