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6 Ways Spiritually Enlightened People Look On Death

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by Conscious Reminder

Death is actually a finality which is shared by everything that has a life. A lot of people fear of death, or some even consider it as a way of escaping from the suffering in the world or some kind of natural process for renewing life.

Well, different cultures and religions actually have different beliefs about enlightenment on a spiritual level, and finally, its meaning is to comprehend the aims of existence, at the end finishing it with death.

As one author explained, death is simply the quiet cessation of all the functions of our body. Here is how a spiritually enlightened individual views death, based on his philosophy of life. Let’s take a look:

Death is helpful in realizing one’s mortality.

Remember that your death will help you to realize that type of futility of the material ownership, as well as bonds. When you know that you will not live eternally, it will keep you from the urge for pleasures in the world.

Those people that are afraid of death simply try hiding that with engaging themselves in the happiness of daily basis, which comes from material things. On the other hand, those that realize its inevitability often are feeling free in focusing on enlightenment. These people know that their time in this world is limited, so they always tend to live their own dreams.

We should not be so much afraid of death.

Actually, it is not useful or it does not make any sense to spend life being afraid of death as when we die in fact we are not going to experience any pain of the death. When our existence is over, so will the suffering and pain be over too.

When a person is not afraid of death, living a tranquil and satisfied life is inevitable. People who are spiritually enlightened hence strive with overcoming that fear and they instead see it as the end of this suffering in the world.

Perceive death like a profound sleep.

We finish every single day with resting peacefully. Just like this, we also end our life with a much more extended sleep which is called death. As time passes, we are going to understand that just as every successful day brings us some rest, life is also going to bring spent grants and come to an end. Every time when we fall asleep, every sense stops; death is a more indefinite version of this idea. 

Our life is simply a trial.

As particular philosophies of afterlife explain, the fact that we exist now is just the time of preparing ourselves for our everlasting afterlife. In different religions, death is seen as the transit through which we can unify with our creators.

Accepting the concept of the afterlife will permit acceptance of God and the fact that injustice which occurs is just a simple test for life after death period.

It is simply a new beginning.

Those people who actually believe in the concept of rebirth feel pleasure in death as for them death is not any disaster or end, but simply a new beginning with the help of rebirth.

According to Hinduism, the destiny of a person is in his hands only and the way he leaded life here will have the responsibility for how he is going to be born after that. A person can attain spiritual enlightenment in order to free himself from the process of rebirth. Hence, death is something like freedom from all the suffering instead of calamity.

In the end, death is the assurance of our life.

Actually, that is going to keep you humble, reminding you that despite all that progress you made, you are a mortal and it means that you are vulnerable and helpless. People that are spiritually enlightened hold death as some kind of strength, when they have some uncontrollable moments in life.

In the modern world, people full of wisdom see death like unchanging reliability, as well as the continuous factor of their Universe. Those people that are afraid of death are going to fail in living life to the fullest, as death will knock on their door in the end.

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