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How To Use Crystals On Your Pets To Keep Them Happy & Healthy

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by Conscious Reminder

There are some crystals, such as cinnabar, peacock ore, and malachite, which are toxic. Those of us who have pets, cats, or dogs, should prevent them from mouthing or licking these stones.

In fact, crystals are the holistic noninvasive, and gentle way to actually help in healing animals by simply shifting their energies – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Using crystals in healing techniques meant for animals.

Programming and dedicating the crystals and stones which we are going to use to heal our pet will be quite helpful. These are several suggestions about how we can use the crystals and stones in order to heal our pet:

We should place about three crystals or stones under the bed of our pet for two weeks.

If we like to, we can put the crystals or stones in some pouch. We should place them so that they would be comfortable. If their energies are too intense, our pets will not want to sleep in their beds. However, if they like them, we have to see a huge improvement within several days.

We should hold the stone or crystal in our hand.

Starting several inches apart from the area that is affected, we should rotate the stone clock-wise. We should go slowly and breathe evenly and gently. Animals express feelings with movements, so we should watch carefully in order to notice if our pet would like more or is simply trying to move aside.

We should put about three crystals in some small pouch which may be safely attached to the collar of our pet.

We have to be careful when it comes to attaching the pouch because it should not interfere with the pet’s movement or may also get caught on something.

We should warm up our stones or crystals under the sunlight before we start healing.

In fact, the sun will provide yang, masculine energies to our stones. We should apply these warm stones to the area which is affected. Also, if we use ice in order to reduce inflammation or swelling, we can try placing several pieces of Smokey Quartz in the ice bag. It is going to help unblock inflamed and over-active areas.

We should place a small Amethyst or Rose Quartz piece in the bucket or water bowl of our pet.

In fact, the crystal is going to leave its energies imprint inside the water, so that when our pet drinks the water, those energies are going to act where they are needed the most. We should never put a Malachite stone in the drinking water of our pet.

We should create a circle or mandala of crystals right around our pet.

We can even try David or a Star formation with our pet standing in the center. We should leave it there for about 20 minutes. Our pet is going to walk out right when it feels it had enough.

We should place stones or crystals near photographs of our pets, pointing right towards the pictures. This is going to help in sending long-distance protection and healing to our pet.

How can we use crystals in order to help in healing our pets?

Using crystals to heal animals isn’t different from using crystals to heal people. Even though the process may be the same, one important thing would be looking for signs that our pets are distressed while we try actually to heal them.

Some of the signs we should watch for are: stamping of the feet, unusual or excessive wagging of their tail, grinding or clenching of their teeth, trying to escape, feeling discomfort, such as when they put their ears back, or also when they raise their hair.

When our pets show some of these particular signs, we should slow down this process of healing, or even stop it as this can indicate that the process of healing became quite intense for them.

When animals enjoy the process of healing, they can show that through some actions like laying down, drooling, sighing or purring, rolling on the stomach, etc.

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