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Just Because I Don’t Talk To You, Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Care

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A defeat is inevitable part of our lives. It can happen to anyone. 

An almost relationship that ended up badly.  A break up with a partner.  A quarrel with a best friend.    A dissolve of childhood friends.  A fallout with a family member.  But, although things like these happen all the time, to everybody, the pain they cause is unbearable.

However, just because they happened, doesn’t mean that the two people no longer care about one another.  Only because two people choose to end up their relationship, doesn’t mean that love ceases to exist.  And, only because friends and family members broke apart, doesn’t mean that hate is alive.

Maybe you broke up with me. Maybe I broke up with you.  But, who called the shots is irrelevant.  Who pulled the plugs doesn’t matter.  I will not hold on to hate. I will not harbor it in my heart.

Maybe I did love you, but you didn’t love me back. Is that only your fault? Should I resent you for this forever? Should I blame you?  No! You cannot help how you felt.  You cannot help that you wanted something different.  Something more. Something or someone else to explore.

However, with breakups comes lack of communication.  For me, I typically choose to put an end to  communication with anyone who isn’t a significant part of my life.  And, that is with friends and exe`s alike.  The story of the breakup doesn’t matter.

I have learned that I cannot talk and communicate with people who played an important role in my life, and now don’t.   I no longer waste my time on people who are not important to me. I no longer waste my energy on people who are not part of me.

However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t care.  It doesn’t mean that love isn’t alive. It doesn’t mean that if they were ever in need of me, I wouldn’t give them a hand.

Only because a book closed for good, it doesn’t mean that the story within wasn’t beautiful or magical.  Still, I cannot keep that story open.  I cannot keep re-reading it in order to make it happen again.

What is done is done. What has happened has already happened, and there is no way back.  Maybe it was great. Maybe it wasn’t.  But, I cannot keep opening up the old wounds.  I cannot keep opening my heart until all of it has dissolved in front of me.

Just like everything else, the relationship ended up for a reason.  There is a reason why he or she is gone.  Why the other person isn’t present in your life anymore.

But, I didn’t stop caring, though.  The love isn’t forever gone!

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