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Debunking Paranormal Phenomena: 7 Essential Things You Need To Understand

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

“I refuse to commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.” ~ Carl Jung

What are paranormal phenomena? These are the seven essential things you have to be aware of about it:

1. We are all psychic 

Every person in the world is psychic. Paranormal, as well as psychic experiences, like telepathy and EPS, appear a lot more frequently than we actually think.

2. The paranormal is very normal.

The word ‘Para’ actually means besides. So, paranormal will mean besides the normal, instead of meaning abnormal. If you have some kind of paranormal happening or experience, you should not feel ashamed of or embarrassed about it, but they are also not the reason of feeling special or proud. Simply, it is one part of your life.

3. Sensing the presence of a loved one who passed away

According to some surveys, about 50% of people who had lost a loved one reported that they were feeling the existence or presence of something or even hear some voices or have visions of a loved person that passed away. Some quite common visions were the deathbed ones, and the most frequent example of deathbed visions has been when the person reported seeing some relative that passed away or even a friend that came in order to take that person that was on deathbed with them in the other world.

4. We feel death coming 

However, the aspect that surprises the most when having visions or even voices of deathbed is that, at times, it is not only felt by the dying person, but by that person’s visitors too or even the medical staff at his bedside.

5. Messages from the Spirit World

Those that are considered visionaries are creative individuals. In history, throughout different cultures, a lot of people experienced visions or received some messages coming from spiritual world. Some of them include the Biblical prophets, like Ezekiel and Daniel, then some historical persons such as St. Joan of Arc or St. Francis of Assisi, also creative geniuses like William Burroughs or William Blake, or even some visionaries from the modern world, such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

6. Developing 6th Sense 

People that are blind and have some out-bodily experiences at a time of surgery when under some ordinary anesthesia also reported having the ability to actually see when being out of the body. One such person, waking up after the surgery, has had the ability to depict the patterns and colors of the tie of his surgeon, which he explained he saw when out of the body. Another such person, after the surgery had the ability to tell his nurse about where she actually put his fake teeth, as while he has been under anesthesia, he actually left his own body and saw how she put them in the drawer.

7. Psychotic and non-psychotic hallucinations

One important thing is making a distinction between hallucinations, which are signs of a psychotic disorder, and voices, visions, or some other sensory occurrence which is not of that kind, but that can actually appear as a result of stress, grief or isolation. A distinction between non-psychotic and psychotic hallucinations also exists. The first one’s visions and voices usually happen less frequently, they are not frightening or threatening, but they are instead reassuring and comforting. The second ones are most commonly frightening. Even when these two phenomena happen only once in your life, they can have a lifetime impact.

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