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The Connection Between The Fibonacci Sequence & Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

In fact, people learned a lot about this sequence in their mathematics classes, but they may not know that it actually holds a close relationship with the twin flames, as well as their relationship.

We will explain that connection, but first of all, we are going to look at how the sequence is made and what it represents.

What does the Fibonacci sequence represent?

This sequence that probably has its origins coming back from 450BC is actually a simple sequence of numbers which starts in this way:  0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…

This probably seems complicated for but, but what actually happens is simpler than you may think.

The number sequence starts with the number 0 and the number 1. The following number occurs naturally with the addition of these two numbers which come behind it. This means that the third one will be 0+1=1, and the fourth will be 1+1=2, and the sequence goes on.

So, this is a nice number sequence, which is not only mathematics. This sequence also related to the golden ratio, a ratio in nature and art too.

Also, it is the growing of flowers, the regeneration of skin cells, why the artwork of Da Vinci looks excellent, why the symphonies of Beethoven fill people with emotions, etc.

The Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio are the most well-known evidence which we can have for designed Universe.

However, how twin flames participate or influence this? How is the sequence related to the twin flames and their relationship?

Those that are eagle-eyed probably spotted a bit of ‘twin-flame-y’ about the number sequence from above. The number 11, which is the most significant one for twin flames, appears at the start.

More precisely, the sequence starts with the number 0, which means nothing. In order to begin, the number 1 should be right to the number 0. Following the first number 1, the twin of it comes next to it by necessity. Just a number 1 may go in the third spot.

The remaining part of the number sequence is actually created from those humble starts. When the sequence begins in another way, the whole series of numbers will be thrown out of whack, and it will not relate to the golden ratio anymore.

Twin flame journey.

Just like it is, this number sequence also tells us a story about the twin flames journey. It actually tells us that profoundly in the inside workings of the most basic building blocks of our Universe, we may still see this familiar stories.

The relationship of twin flames is actually central to our Universe, and it moves it towards unification and ascension. In fact, the relationship is so embedded, so fundamental, as well as so integral to our Universe, which means that even when described in mathematics, we can still notice the touch and presence of the twin flames.

This means that twin flames have to pay special attention to this sequence. At the time of showing up of their numbers, their relationship will grow synchronous which often means that a chance or even danger comes on their way for them and their twin flame too.

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