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If You Are A Woman With These 5 Personality Traits, You Know How To Be Truly Happy

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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of women in the world that already discovered the secrets to real happiness.

Up till recent times, psychologists believed that there are only two traits in personality which are crucial in the determining of the wellbeing and happiness of a person. According to the suggestions of some psychological researches, neuroticism and extroversion are the two critical factors, and also that for having a happy and content mind you have to be an outgoing person/extrovert that is not unstable or neurotic.

The understanding actually leads to the so-called Big Five Personality Traits, which is a widely utilized model on the part of psychologists. These are the five traditional traits: conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, and extroversion – the last two being those that determine well-being and happiness.

However, one research from recently discovered that things are not as uncomplicated as this. So, the study’s results revealed that actually, there are five distinct traits in personality which can result in better wellbeing, opposite the two original characteristics.

The co-author of the study, named Scott Barry Kaufman has explained that these were, in fact, the five distinct personality paths to the wellbeing. If a person scores high in some of the five aspects, there is a greater possibility to experience better prosperity in different points of your life.

A lot of women already comprehended this, and hence they live their greatest possible life. Feeling the score extremely high in the five traits, you are probably a cheerful and happy person. Here they are:

1. Enthusiasm

People that are full with enthusiasm are also friendly, sociable, as well as fun. They can open emotionally in a natural way, have some positive relationships and emotions, and also enjoy the feeling of life achievement and satisfaction.

2. Low withdrawal

These people feel happier only with their own self. They are not neurotic, they cannot be easily overwhelmed or embarrassed, and they are more self-sufficient and independent. 

3. Industriousness

This trait will make the person be self-disciplined, focused, as well as purposeful about an accomplishment. They are also passionate, and they cannot easily quit or preserve to accomplish that they have their heart set on. This will improve their general wellbeing too.

4. Compassion

Kindness, empathy, as well as agreeableness, go together with compassion. Caring for the wellbeing of other people actually means that you are going to improve yours too. The researchers have discovered that people who are compassionate are also happier in life.

5. Intellectual interest

When you think genuinely about some complex themes, or you engage the brain in some philosophical, as well as intellectual thoughts, it actually means that you will have better self-acceptance, personal growth, accomplishment, autonomy, and purpose. However, intellectual interest was said to not have any effect on positive engagement or relationship with life.

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