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What Having A Heart Of Gold Means

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of people who are divinely talented and gifted. A lot of them possess a huge heart which is able to uplift even the spirits of the most broken-down souls.

They can bring light and love to this world, or courtesy of the generosity. Even at a time when some cerebral spirits and demons are haunting them, they unselfishly help those that have the necessity. 

The first purpose of the existence is actually to help people that have lost the way they should follow, and land them in the necessary territory, wanting love.

They can also get discouraged on their way when their life is treating them harshly; however, even in such times, they will not accept love and positive things into them to fade away.

A lot of people that have golden heart are actually a benefit to this world.

If you are one of those people with golden hearts, you may possess some of these signs:

1. You help people no matter what their past looks like

You are a person that is not critical, and the one and the simple role you are playing in other people’s lives is being healer.

You are actually not worried about what things people did in their past. You provide them with the advantage of a doubt, and you limitlessly search to provide them with security.

This is the reason why a lot of people feel attracted to you when they feel empty or broken. You are the salvation which they always searched for, and when they finally find you, they will never let you leave their part. 

2. You always forgive

One of the different qualities which you possess is mercy. Also, it is considered as your weakness as it actually makes you more vulnerable to people who are manipulative and don’t think twice to use your goodness.

Although you get hurt all the time, as of your characteristic of forgiving, you feel good because, despite everything, you have been in the right way.

Another thing is that you never feel any regret about the decisions you made, and you always want to do everything that is best for the world and humanity, although you may get hurt while doing that.

3. You don’t hold bitterness inside you

You cannot be angry with someone for a more extended period, even if that person was quite rude with you. 

Also, you are completely conscious of the harmful effects that hatred can have on your soul. You would instead look on your loving side than poisoning yourself with some hatred for other people.

4. You are not vengeful 

You are a person that does not believe in vengeance. You consider taking revenge a primitive thing. 

You are also aware that people can be mean with each other as life makes them do so. You can understand the reasons they have for behaving like that, although they cannot understand. You can see some beauty within them when sometimes they behave hideously.

5. You are emotionally and mentally stable

Although you can get hurt from time to time, you have the ability to recover from those sorrows in a short time.

Even if you are vulnerable on an emotional level or also sensitive, you are a strong person. You are mentally resilient which actually helps you in the tendencies of love.

That person that has a golden heart is also a blessing. The efforts that people of that kind do should be appreciated, instead of sometimes making them actually feel undesired. Encouraging them can also help them in boosting the capacities of love they have.

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