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The Transforming Powers Of The Fire Of Divine Love

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by Conscious Reminder

In order to connect with the divine or sacred love fire, a person has to become that fire, solely on its own terms. It is actually the hidden fire of the divine love, and without it, any real spiritual transformation could not take place at all.

Fractal of the sacred fire.

This fire actually burns on each of the levels of the existence – for example, from the Sun’s heart to the one of humans, and to every single small cell in the body of humans, to some subatomic particles, as well as the core of each star in galaxies. In fact, it is some huge fractal love fire.

Even though there is a distinction in physics between nuclear and chemical fire, the principal forces of the fire, which are the weak the strong nuclear, as well as electromagnetic interactions, are actually thought to be one single joined force.

In fact, love transforms the fire. Just like any fire, it will ignite, incinerate, purity, as well as shine with some brilliant warmth and light. Love is the most powerful force in this cosmos, and there is nothing that can propel some spiritual growth and evolution as love can. Finally, the love fire will burn everything which is not a type of love.

With some diligent practices, as well as complete self-giving, or also surrender, the secret love fire will become a roaring blaze which will burn everything which is standing between the divine and devote.

Even though the divine or sacred fire is simply one, it is described in different ways in different traditions. In the Hindu tradition, it incinerates the three ‘knots of the heart’ which actually keep all souls bound to the material existence.

In the Christian tradition, this fire is actually the Holy Spirit, so whenever it actually flares up, it bathes and refreshes the soul in glory and quality of the divine fire.

Mystical journey essence.

The question in fact is where this fire actually leads, or what people that give themselves to the fire become? Well, the Fire of Love is the greatest gift which is offered to human beings.

No matter of the name given to that process, such as theosis, divinization or henosis, or no matter if we think of it like kataphatic or apophatic, no matter if it takes some place in the Muslim or Christian or even Hindu tradition, as well as like a spiritual and not a religious practitioner, this process will basically be one and the same.

In fact, the soul gets transformed into the sacred or divine, also through some participation in it.

However, we are not able to understand this process or even master it or force it. We are not able to co-opt in some way for some of the purposes we have. Simply, we can surrender ourselves to that process, in fact, if we decide so, and then consent without any condition to it on its terms.

Doing that or also permitting it, such living reality of love is going to empty us of our own selves and fill us with some divine love.

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