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Energetically Potent Blue Full Moon In Scorpio, 18th May: Own Your Inner Battles

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by Conscious Reminder

When the Full Moon comes into Scorpio, your imagination will get engaged. That’s because the Full Moon is making a wonderful trine with Neptune, currently located in Pisces, and that is what makes you dreamy.

Listen to the calling of the Cosmos. The Cosmos is trying to seduce you to the right path – it is breaking the spell that binds you to the wrong path. This is the time to move beyond what haunts you and be connected with your psychic self.

Grab the opportunities that are coming your way. The Taurus Season is also in full bloom so it’s time to get grounded. There will be some drama brought by Neptune but don’t get swayed by it. It brings miracles too.

Retrograde Planets

May 18th marks the day when the Full Moon happens in Scorpio. Well, you are also dealing with three retrogrades: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. They will empower you to get the most in your life.

Jupiter Present In Virgo: It is about learning, or rather, relearning that you have to trust your own body. You have to purge yourself from any kind of toxin and try to be wholesome. Go for holistic treatments if you want. Your body is always giving you subtle signs – don’t ignore them.

Saturn present in Sagittarius: Faith is what keeps you moving. Faith is where all hope resides. Don’t lose out on faith. Don’t despair. Trust the planet and the synchronicities that it brings. Let it guide you the best way it can.

Pluto present in Capricorn: Pluto is timeless – it is a marker of Time and how it flows. When the Plutonian energy comes to you, it is a call for you to be one with nature. Seek harmony and ground yourself. The Taurus season will help you immensely.

Remember, you have to seek solid ground during this period. The thing is, Neptune is bringing in disillusionment with its dreamy nature. It is also traversing down different areas of your life and trying to bring Karma into the focus. Find out what your strength is – now is the best time to do so.

Getting Things Out Of Your Closet

Full Moon reveals a lot of hidden truth. With Scorpio, buried bones are brought back up to the surface. You might be wrestling with some past issue and now, the planets are calling it back up. Confront it – it might bring a lot of needless drama but in the end, you will turn out to be the victor. Pluto brings the experience of dealing with your inner demons. Scorpio is passionate – it will make you earn respect while you deal with a problem. As of the Full Moon – it will heal the wounds that you take up during this fight.


The Taurus-Scorpio axis is all about being grounded with nature, and finding a true connection with your love. You will finally find out the hidden meanings present in certain relationships – is it toxic or healthy? Do you need to break up or is it possible to transform the negative into a positive? Your psychic roots are about to get strengthened and you need to purge yourself from any kind of excess. Don’t get away from the right path. Scorpio and Taurus, both are fixed signs. They will keep you secured. We will gain a lot of power inside us to resist whatever life flings at us – withstand the pressure. We will be confident – we have nothing that we need to fear. Without or within.

Be unafraid – be confident. Own your battles.

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