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The Stone Healer’s Medicine Kit

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Our bodies are composed of the minerals of the Earth such as carbon, iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, oxygen and hydrogen. By utilizing stones containing these elements living within us, we are accessing a form of natural chemical healing.

You don’t ingest stone medicine like prescription drugs. Instead, minerals work around the body and in your environment providing chemical assistance through electromagnetic energy. Stone medicine works to complement traditional medical treatment and is not to be used in place of it.

Often stone healing will increase the efficacy of medical procedures accelerating healing by removing spiritual, emotional and mental debris from the physical areas under distress. As with any form of healing, learn as much about the stones you choose as possible because the more you know, the greater you benefit.

Basic Stone Treatment Protocols

1. Know the chemical composition of the mineral to determine it’s elemental usefulness and variations in color.

Minerals belonging to the eight mineral classes below address
specific conditions and issues according to their chemisty:
Natural elements: promote purity, embrace the essence
(copper, silver, gold, sulfur, graphite, diamond)
Sulphides: clear confusion, promote consciousness
(pyrite, boji stones, chalcopyprite, sphalerite)
Halides: cleanse, facilitate the release of the unnecessary
(flourite, halite, apatite, sodalite, microlite)
Oxides: energize, free, promote project completion
(hematite, quartz, opal, chalcedony, ruby, obsidian)
Carbonates: stimulate personal development, solidify gains
(azurite, malachite, calcite, aragonite, rhodochrosite)
Sulphates: encourage persistence, foster steady progress
(selenite, celestite, anglesite)
Phosphates: encourage emotional stability, revitalize
(apatite, turquoise, variscite, vivianite)
Silicates: strengthen, protect, heal, promote integrity
(kyanite, garnet, aquamarine, lepidolite, topaz)

2. Identify the crystalline structure of the mineral to understand its process of formation and how it transmits electromagnetic impulses and/or stored information.

Minerals belonging to the eight crystalline matrixes exude specific qualities according to their internal structure:
Cubic: stabilize and create order, spiritualize matter
(pyrite, garnet, flourite, lapis lazuli)
Triclinic: calm, soothe, access spiritual guidance
(amazonite, rhodonite, turquoise, kyanite)
Monoclinic: increase perception and personal responsibility
(epitdote, muscovite, moonstone, chrysocolla)
Orthorhombic: promote generosity, encourage self-love
(aragonite, sulfur, topaz, iolite, peridot)
Trigonal: facilitate conflict resolution, encourage service
(citrine, amethyst, tourmaline, hematite, agate)
Hexagonal: motivate, instill consistency, nourish relationships
(apatite, sugilite, emerald, aquamarine)
Tetragonal: increase imagination, encourage honesty, build trust
(rutile, apophyllite, chalcopyrite, zircon)
Amorphous: promote innovation, enthusiastic, playful
(obsidian, opal, flint, moldavite)

3. Understand the energy matrix through which the mineral will work upon and within the auric field.

The following correlations apply:
A. Chakra system including the Soul Star, Earth Star and Multi-dimensional Chakras
B. Subtle bodies of the auric field for individuals and the Earth
These include the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of the auric field.
C. The Twelve Rays of the Universal Mind radiating the complete divine personality structure.
D. Zodiac signs/Planetary influences

Treatment Modalities

1. Minerals placed on the body. Includes whole or partial body layouts. Important to identify site specific minerals.
2. Minerals placed in the environment. Includes geometrical grids placed within sand or salt to work within the home or office. Includes geometrical grids created for the health of the land.
3. Gem elixirs are made with minerals, spring water and the full moon or sunlight. These can be taken internally or mixed with creams to generate healing vibrations.
4. Jewelry. Gems must make contact with the skin to be therapeutic and they must also be programmed for healing rather than for appearances.

Anatomical Systems

Minerals work within the auric field attending to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies simultaneously. However, for the purposes of this program, the primary minerals used to heal specific anatomical disorders are outlined. Multiple minerals attend to certain body systems, but each will serve a distinct purpose within the system. The following list attempts to clarify such purposes:

General Health

Amber – Creates a haven of safety and guides the healing process by magnetizing the elements of nature required for physical restoration.
Aventurine – Promotes a sense of joy about being in a physical body so that anxieties and worries about living in human form are released.
Azurite – Its copper content creates a healing stream between practitioner and patient to facilitate healing process. Complements all gemstone therapies.
Boulder Opal – Activates all healing options.
Citrine – Assists in determining which healing paths are the best for individuals. Provides endurance and tolerance while healing.
Emerald – Embodies the healing ray and is known as the sustainer of life in the elemental kingdom.
Epidote – Stimulates the immune system and supports all healing processes
Fuschite – During meditation, enhances access to information regarding any disease or physical distress. It is helpful in finding herbal remedies and holistic modalities for those concerns. Assists other minerals that are already working with you or a patient.
Jade – Assists in mastering the flow of energy in the body and strengthens self-control so that the electromagnetic energies of the body move in harmony. Ensures beauty.
Garnet – Fortifies power of regeneration, stimulates metabolism, and harmonizes composition of body fluids, especially in the blood.
Opal – Increases the will to live
Peridot – Removes stagnant and congested emotional energies, flushing negativity out of the body.
Pyrite – Clarifies confusion in presentation of diseases and unclear symptoms. In sun configuration reduces pain when placed on the site in distress.
Quartz, Clear – Energizes the entire body.
Smoky Quartz – Facilitates cleansing of the entire aura into and through the cellular level. Known as a miracle maker due to its ability to assist in self-purification.
Rhodocrosite – Provides a sense of love and balance within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, thereby facilitating the necessary changes to promote health on every level.
Tree Agate – Encourages regeneration and growth, balances the entire aura and stabilizes health.
Turquoise – Provides the true and realistic picture of one’s health allowing for the recognition of diseases or physical distresses that one would prefer to ignore or dismiss. Ameliorates all diseases by stimulating the regeneration of tissue.

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