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3 Simple, Yet Magical Rituals For An Amazing Holiday Season

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We wish happy and blessed holidays to every person that lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

We really hope that this year’s end is going to find every person well, despite all those rushes of travel, or a lot of the demands on their time, as well as the madness of all the activity around them.

Now, it will be the period of discovering their center, the spot full with peace within them which cannot be shaken or rocked by the circumstances from the outside. Every person should connect with his or her center from this year, and continue so through 2019, utilizing some magical and simple rituals for holidays, each of them being sacred to a lot of families.

The rituals for holiday season are quite simple and also powerful manners of honoring the coming of the new year, as well as those long nights which bring us inside around the fire together too.

Simple Yule ritual (12/21): The Word of the Year.

During each Yule that is, in fact, the Winter Solstice, a person should choose one new Word of the Year for that year that is about to come and then release the one from the year before. A person can choose this word by meditating at the time of Yule and then ask his or her guides to aid them in discerning the word they will have to hold in the following 12 months. For instance, it can be some word which will show up in their lives in those weeks before the Yule coming.

Simple Christmas Eve ritual (12/24): Candle hour.

For most of the families in the world, this is the most loved tradition during the winter season. For example, a person should buy candles in different shapes, colors, sizes or scents, then put all of them in some containers, and surround all of them with some candy canes or branches from pine, fir, or cedar tree. Also, he or she could adorn their tables with some fruits of that season or also pine cones, as well as cinnamon sticks. During this candle hour, they can also exchange some gifts

After that, for about an hour, the person has to light every candle and get together with his or her loved people. They can play some music, be silent, or also eat together at this time.

Simple New Year’s Eve ritual (12/31): The welcoming toast.

Before going to bed, people should set out their champagne glasses and also fill their most loved beverage, such as champagne which is traditional for grownups. If they like, they can also place a minor quartz piece in each of the glasses in order to increase the vibration of such activities.

After that, they should make the welcoming toast for the year that is about to come. Each of them should say a few sentences about what he or she has the intention to do or bring in the year that comes. For instance, that may be a desire, feeling or some wish. When every one of them said his or her words, they should all raise their glasses.

Every person should make his or her holidays blessed. They should be thankful for the support, love, encouragement, as well as presence in this year.

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