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Holiday Season Depression: How To Avoid Having A Blue Christmas

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 by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people probably heard the song ‘Blue Christmas’ performed by the famous Elvis Presley.

This classic song is speaking about heartbreak and loneliness at the time which should actually be full of love, as well as happiness. The color blue is usually referred to unhappiness, like having the blues.

Here, we are going to explain how we can transform a blue Christmas in a joyous and happy one.

During this season of holidays, there are a lot of people that are lonely and depressed than during other periods of the year. A lot of them have probably lost their loved ones or pets, and they feel quite isolated. Also, they don’t have where to go, or they don’t have someone that would like to spend some time together with them. A lot of them also feel suicidal as they believe their life is meaningless.

It is also the period of the year in which every person begins thinking of the holidays. They ask themselves with who will they spend their holidays, or should they travel, as well as visit their family, or even what gift they should buy for their family or friends.

So, we should focus on giving presents to the people that are closest to us and not those that are not really important. For many years, we were under the pressure of giving presents to people who we hardly know as that was what we had to do at holiday seasons.

However, this year there are a lot of people who cannot afford themselves to give gifts as they don’t have work. But, they will not like to see how their children feel unhappy during Christmas, and many of them are going to sacrifice seeing them happy and joyous during Christmas time.

So, what is the real meaning or importance of Christmas? It is to give others and not to expect something in return. When it comes to this, we should think of Jesus, the one after whom the holiday got its name, who gave unconditionally and didn’t expect anything back.

We have to simplify our life and do some things with people that we really love and which are not that expensive, like a decorating party of an old-fashioned Christmas tree.

We will not have to buy one, but we can do that in a homeless shelter, church, as well as convalescent home or even hospital. We can bring foods and also consider the happiness that we are going to create, as well as share to the ones that have a need of it. We should make the party right where we are.

When it comes to family dinners, we should make it a potluck, so we are not supposed to spend a lot of money for the whole dinner. Every one of us can also share our special dishes, which will bring us more close to each other.

Instead of some expensive video games, we can buy a Monopoly or also the funny game Twister, spending some time with our family and friends and connecting with them. Instead of buying expensive gifts, we can give more to people that really have nothing. For example, volunteering at hospitals, veteran’s hospitals, homeless shelters, children’s hospitals and so on. 

We should also think about the happiness and joy which we may bring to others simply making a conversation with them.

Christmas is the most important holiday for children, and a lot of them wait the entire year for Santa Claus to come and bring them their most desired thing. Some of them simply want to be healthy once again. For example, we can visit homeless or sick children are that is going to lift their spirit, as well as our spirit. We can buy some inexpensive little gifts to give to those children.

Nowadays, we are a society in which people think only for themselves. We escaped the not-so-modern values which made it an excellent society. However, instead of this modern and world of everything, we should see if we can return to the time in which caring about other people has been the most important thing.

We have to turn the blue Christmas mood to a glad one, showing our kindness to other human beings that live in this world as we also do. So, when we give more, we also receive more – this never failed.

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