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Does Forgiveness Hold The Key To Healing and Releasing Karma?

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by Conscious Reminder

More and more people are becoming aware of Karma and Karmic Laws. However, it is not widely known that human beings get the opportunity to transform their karmic fate and break free of its negative aspects.

Every person we know or come in contact with has a unique role in our life. While some bring us immense joy, delightful moments, and love, many others leave us with heartbreak, anger, and melancholy.

Strangely, several hardly make any lasting impression. As a result, we often find ourselves asking how and why things happen the way they did or why we are treated by others in a specific manner.

Karmic Power Of Forgiveness

The Law of Return is a concept of Karma, whereby we experience emotions according to our actions. We are often treated unjustly when we are despised by someone we treat with respect.

Nonetheless, we must remember that much of what occurs during this lifetime is an effect of our previous life as well as the karma of our family.

Forgive And Be Free

Rumi, the philosopher, has said that the people who are unaware of forgiveness will remain unaware of God’s blessings.

Therefore, sometimes when we meet unsuitable and incompatible people who give us pain, it often results in the adoption of a negative attitude.

This becomes evident when we make some rash decisions or do something that leads to regret. Nevertheless, we must remember to take the high road and try to maintain positive mental health.

Forgiveness has the power to combat our karmic relationship with the appropriate actions and thoughts.

Forgiveness Releases Karma

The destructive behavioral pattern of a person reveals a karmic effect. If we decide to deal with such behavior with kindness, we can relieve their Karma and ease the malignant impacts.

However, we must not silently endure the wrong behavior meted to us by others. Everybody must learn to practice self-love and distance ourselves from any person who harms our well-being.

Forgiveness is crucial. Otherwise, it might lead to bitter feelings, including those of hatred and unhappiness. Our karmic affiliation with the person must be mitigated unless the person will turn more negative.

It is a known fact that forgiveness is difficult yet essential. It has the power to strengthen our core energy.

The first step to forgiveness is dialogue. Discussing and talking things out definitely leads the way forward in a healthy manner.

We must be wary of understanding the inner feelings and wounds of the other person while engaging in a complicated talk. This will result in stimulating the process of healing.

Understanding Inner Emotions

No person can truly understand the hardships and wounds of the other. The reason being each person has their journey and experiences in life that make us who we are and the way we behave.

Thus talk to the person with empathy during open dialogues because their wounds open up and bring out a wave of repressed emotions.

This calls for the need to listen carefully and empathize with them. Sometimes we might see ourselves with the same regrets, mistakes, and actions in the past. In such cases, we must apologize and alter our approach towards the person.

Transmutation Ritual

Our Karma can be transfigured by igniting the Violet Flame that is the 7th Ray emitting from the Holy Spirit. It is a pious fire that is used for attaining karmic mitigation. Law of Forgiveness is a significant means of achieving the Violet Flame.

The ritual of transmutation can be practiced all year round by lighting the violet candle for 3 consecutive days. It must be offered to St Germain. This has the supremacy of resolving professional, familial, and financial issues.

Hence, empathy is the key to forgiveness. And forgiving has never been an easy task. One can take their time. But it is the only way to clear their karmic cycle.

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