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20 Simple, Yet Rewarding Resolutions For The New 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

In today’s article, we are going to present you the 20 worthwhile resolutions for the year that is about to come. Here they are:

1. A person has to be thankful for his or her life, for every single piece of it, and also of those heart-breaking or traumatic situations. Don’t have them means that the person is not going to have a comparison to the ones that are eye-catching and wonderful.

2. A person is not supposed to denigrate himself or herself, as they are amazing people, having amazing capacities too. Every one of us has excellent talents or gifts, and they are incredible, so we should see them like that.

3. A person has to be honest and kind to himself and other people too, regardless if they were family, friends or also strangers.

4. A person has to smile more because it will brighten his day or the day or other people too.

5. A person has to stop worrying without any purpose. Worry will not take away the troubles of tomorrow, but it will definitely take away the peace of today.

6. A person has to stop comparing himself or herself with other people because they don’t have to do so. He or she is a special and unusual person.

7. A person has to be conscious of his or her thoughts, as they are the creator of their world. When they are not sure if their thoughts help them or hinder them, they should pay attention to the feelings which come from those thoughts. When those feelings don’t actually feel right, they should change their thoughts.

8. A person has to stop wasting his or her time wanting and wanting all the time. For example, when they have some dream, they should analyze it, as well as keep going forward.

9. A person has to stop worrying about what other people think of him or her.

10. A person has to make the new year his or her year. He or she should rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of this year, in order to create an extraordinary future for himself or herself.

11. A person should create a life instead of a living, meaning that he or she should not work at some job which they hate only for making a living. If he or she succeeded to get this job, they would surely get a second one in which they will enjoy.

12. A person should not live his life that is built on doubt and fear. This is not any type of life, but real life will be when it is built on kindness, generosity, love and himself or herself most significantly.

13. A person should create wealth and abundance for other people if he wants to create one for himself or herself. When you give, you will also receive, and that can be love, money, gratitude or everything else.

14. A person should look at this world through the eyes of grace and love. He or she should take a look on wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, children parents or also colleagues.

15. A person has to be accepting and admit that every person is not like him or her, or does not have their ideals or dress sense and even their way of thinking and talking.

16. Before going to sleep, a person should take several minutes in order to be thankful for the entire day he or she had, no matter if it was a good or a bad one.

17. Immediately after waking up, a person has to set his or her intention or purpose for that day that is in front of them. Also, they need to be optimistic about this new day.

18. There is no point in hating Mondays. A person is not able to stop Monday from occurring and following the rule number 17 is also going to make it the best day too.

19. A person should not be worried when there is a lack of money, because as long as he or she worries, they will concentrate on the lack, experiencing more of it. They have to be thankful for everything they earn in order to pay their bills.

20. A person should never say that this day will be one of the bad days, as trust us, he or she will probably have one of them.

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