The Cancer Full Moon On December 22nd Holds Extra Spiritual Power

by Conscious Reminder

On the 22nd of December, we will be able to see the last Full Moon of this year, happening in the watery Cancer. It will bring additional spiritual powers because it happens in the day following the Winter Solstice.

During this period, blessings will be distributed in a specific and powerful manner on us. In addition, the Full Moon happens prior to Christmas, giving it extra powers. The cold Full Moon of December will be an excellent time of evaluating the trials, as well as ordeals in our life.

This Full Moon is usually giving way to various emotions which we hide inside us. But, we don’t have to worry, and we should only let all the light in our heart, so we are going to find our truth, or also the sparkling happiness and joy within us.

Our head can also feel busy a little bit, or our subconscious will be out of the way. Everything that has been hidden will now be revealed, and we will have to solve that. Every one of us is going to react on this in a different way. Some of us can feel free and exuberant, and others will feel tearful and tired. Some will hide under their bed sheets, while others will shout to the rooftops. However, we should embrace everything that comes in front of us and ego on.

Also, this Full Moon will be very feminine; it is actually about the expression and verbalization of our feelings. In the cultures of Native Americans, the ones that tracked their calendar by the moons, the Full Moon of December was also called the Full Cold Moon. This actually means that it is connected with December, a month in which the winter cold appears and when the nights also become longer and darker.

The Long Night Moon is the second name of it too, and it is another name which is appropriate as the midwinter night will be long, and as the Moon will also be above the horizon for a longer time. There are also some other specific names, such as Winter Moon, Wolf Moon, and Oak Moon. It is the period of the so-called Dark Lord and its symbol Oak. Also, it is considered the period of rebirth. 

The week in which this Full Moon occurs is going to be filled with a lot of blessings coming from The Divine. It means that we have to stop for some time in the middle of the entire chaos of the season of holidays, as well as appreciate every spiritual blessing which comes on our way.

  • This Full Moon will be an excellent time for setting our intentions and beliefs for the year that comes;
  • We should think of what we really want to achieve in the following 12 months;
  • Then, we should write that in our journal, as well as update it during the entire year;
  • We should also create a vision board, so we are going to have that visual of the things we really desire to achieve;
  • We should take some time to say ‘Thank you’ to The Creator, everything Divine and our ancestors for the year that comes. 

This is also an excellent period of the year, and it is definitely the period of sending our dreams to our Universe. Doing that will help us to notice the growth and evolution of everything we have put out coming during the spring season.

Every one of us should have happy holidays, regardless of celebrating just one of them or being caught in the current of the culture the season of holidays. We should enjoy the procession of lights and let peace, as well as joy, come in our life.

This Full Moon will be a good time of receiving a psychic spiritual reading too. We can check in, as well as see how the things flow.

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