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Meet Haziel, The Guardian Angel Of Forgiveness & Mercy

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by Conscious Reminder

Haziel is a guardian angel of forgiveness and mercy. In fact, the name of this guardian angel means The Merciful God.

In Jewish culture, this angel belongs to the Auphanims, and Archangel Raziel is their ruler. In Christian culture, Haziel belongs to the Cherubims.

Haziel, the guardian angel

This guardian angel is actually the ruler of mercy and divine love. He often brings reconciliation and forgiveness in our lives.

He permits us good faith, not only in ourselves but also in others. He even fills us with sincerity and trust. The goodness of this guardian angel has the ability to fight every possible evil force existing in our lives.

Haziel has the ability to help us remember our childlike purity, which hides in our inside. He tends to transform negative energies on earth, or even in heavens.

We can ask him to helps us change negative energies in our homes into positive energies. This guardian angel will bring us encouragement, selflessness, and grace. He will teach us how to keep our promises and respect.

This angel is actually the guardian one of those people that were born in the days between the 1st and 5th of May.

Haziel fantastically influences those who are born during this period. This guardian angel will fill us with mercy and grace. We don’t judge others, and we focus on our actions, not on the actions of others.

Older individuals in our lives always protect us. They care about us because of our fantastic attitude for everything we do. When we face some hard situations in our lives, he is here to count on him.

We are a faithful and great friend that any person can actually rely on. We always keep our promises. Our guardian angel will teach us to feel happiness and commitment to every project we start. Spiritual works fascinate us.

Our most significant goal on earth actually is our spiritual growth. We know how we can forgive other people and teach them to forgive. Our guardian Haziel gave us the capacity to transform the negative karma within us and others into a positive one.

Although Haziel may not be our guardian angel, if we need awareness, forgiveness, spiritual growth, and mercy in our lives, we can pray to him.

He is going to guide us and teach us to forgive other people and don’t judge them by their actions. We should enjoy the loving presence of this angel in our lives.

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