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I’m Spiritual Not Religious

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When I was a kid, I went to church and catechism classes quite regularly. We’d always go to church as a family when my grandparents visited but I don’t think church actually taught me anything.

Then when I turned 8, I realized my father had stopped going to church. At that time, my mother began to allow me and my brother to decide whether we wished to pray at Church. She let us have a say in the way we expressed our faith from when we were little and of course the two of us were quick to choose football matches and pool days over church.

I began to struggle with my faith when my aunt passed away after I’d just turned 12. In my mind, I was raging at this God who had killed the best person I knew. That anger comes back to me even now.

I shoved religion into the furthest corners of my mind.

Only when I started to write and analyze the music I listen to did I chance upon a line that said “I’m spiritual, not religious’. It made so much sense!

I began to study the meaning of that line as much as I could.

Over the course of my studies, I learned that in the past, the two terms had the same meaning and it is only recently that they came to mean two different things. Spirituality is now thought of as something that is part of the personal life of a person. It focuses on taking care of the mind, the body, and the soul.

As I learned more about spirituality, it echoed what I had always felt. Being around people whose souls radiated light and warmth made me feel good.

Then I understood that I had to look for an aura. It is just concentrating on a person you know and being able to see the light they radiate.

That is the light of the Sun.

In the two decades that I have lived on this planet, I’ve realized that we live in a society made up of shades of grey. Everyone should have the freedom to give voice to the thoughts which make them complete.

Now when I think of my aunt, I realize that she was called to a place that needed her light more than I did. I feel complete.

I see her as sunshine on a cloudy day, I see her when there’s just enough coffee left for me, when the song I wanted to listen to suddenly comes up on my shuffle, I see her whenever I’m happy and whenever I’m sad.

The sky might be covered with clouds but that doesn’t mean we need to stop looking at the sun.

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