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Amber Is So Much More Than A ‘Stone’ And These Are Its Properties

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by Conscious Reminder

Although it has often been mistaken as a gemstone, any amber stone is simply fossilized resin. The oldest one is said to be formed over 300 million years ago, so imagine the power it might have at its bestowal!

Ironically, the ‘younger’ amber stones also are just a hundred thousand years old. You need to contain your incredulity by realizing that trees take a lot of time to actually fossilize the resin.

So, the amber stone dangling around your neck could possibly be a million years old, and containing exquisite old energy.

Amber stone’s been used widely in various continents over the course of centuries. This is a testament to the presence of a lot of powers inside it.


It is old, as we all know. But what is interesting is that it contains properties of the earth as well as the kingdom of Nature. Sometimes you might also chance upon several insects fossilized in it. Even the presence of the insect might provide the stone with properties of a supernatural trope.

These stones are also believed to be a facsimile of the Sun, due to them being colored yellow, sunny brown, and orange. Interestingly, there are amber stones of blue and red varieties too.

Now, these stones are treated scientifically to change color, but you can find naturally colored vibrant stones too.

Amber stones usually exude properties of warmth, wisdom, cheer, protection, and healing.


It is usually found in the northern parts of Europe, near the Baltic Region. The Dominican Republic too is very famous for the rare Blue Amber. They are found in Germany, Russia, Poland, Italy, and Britain as well.


These are the many properties of the Amber stone. Apart from being the stone attributed to providing courage, here are a few-

1. Balancing emotions

2. Attracting good luck

3. Eliminating fear

4. Relieving headaches

5. Clearing the mind

6. Dissolving negative energy

7. Developing wisdom and patience

It is also the birthstone for the zodiac of Cancer. It is so because it helps in reflecting the most tropical months in the Northern Hemisphere.

In the event that an Amber stone attracts you, why not give it a spin? Choose from the many different varieties present and see which one suits you the most.

But make sure you go for the authentic ones, and not the cheap knock-offs. Always go for untreated, natural amber, rather than synthetic amber.

Also, it would be best to wear the “stone” on your person, or simply place it on home décor.

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