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Our Spiritual Awakening Can Cost Us Family And Friends — Why Is That So?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Take a look back at the documented history of humans. There you will find that the events or evolutionary processes which are backed by scientific data, as well as witness testimonial, videos or faith are just merely the interpretation of someone else.

For a lot of reasons, the truth may be distorted or hidden. But most of all, it is for power or control.

Do you feel comfortable when you talk with your friends about the Universe? Are you familiar with what chakras are? Or what star gate is? Do you even know what ascension is? Or what is the evolution or spiritual enlightenment of the Earth?

A lot of people tend to stay “in the box” when you talk about the creation myth, and they can also remain in a belief system which supports the story of creation according to religion. If you raise questions about our real organs, it tends to separate people and relationships between those that think outside the box versus those that think inside the box.

When such topics are discussed within relationships, they usually create disagreements. It is also hard for anyone to admit they have been possibly wrong in their assumptions.

Well, who is right? If we look into the origin of humanity, we will find an excess of creation myths from all different cultures which have varying dates of existence.

The educational system that we have keeps us locked inside the box without questioning anything about what we have been taught. This is a prime example of this. Those people that remain inside the box are afraid of what other people might think if they venture outside the box. So they stay comfortable while conforming to what society dictates rather than relying on their intuitions, as well as perception and judgment.

People can also live their entire lives pretending to be what society expects them to be and without even know it. But, what have we indeed been taught? From the perspective of ego, our thoughts are cultivated by what we have learned from our family, as well as friends, educational systems, government, political and religious beliefs.

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