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Time Is The Best Doctor, It Heals Even The Deepest Of Wounds

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by Conscious Reminder

Healing is when you try to asunder yourself from the person you always thought of you’d spend your life with. It is the process in which you learn how to cast your daily happiness out from the person you were dependent on.

Healing is a technique wherein you learn to discover yourself. You realize how crucial it is that you be someone with an identity of your own and not just a tag of being someone else’s companion.

When one indulges in finding their solace in their recluse, they come across alienation. You would have to separate yourself from the outer world for some time until you once again start cherishing your own company and feel alive with things that you want to do on your own.

Let us talk about various ways in which one strives hard to get over the desolation after being left alone.

How Does Loneliness Affect You?

It is staying up late and barely getting any sleep just because you are hooked up for that one text or response from them. The creeping silence from the other side is very difficult to live with. But after some time, when the adjustment of living on your own gets better and you start to enjoy it, the sleeping pattern takes its shape.

This healing does not happen in a day or a month, sometimes it takes people years to get out of it successfully. The healing procedure starts with waiting for the other person’s texts to taking it on social media. In worst-case scenarios, there are people who undergo self- harm just to get their partners back.

Time Heals Better Than Anything

It is advised that a person going through loneliness and creeping consciousness about self-hatred and misery should first and foremost look for something to keep them busy. The less time you give your brain to feed on past memories, the better you will feel about yourself.

After some time you will see the changes in yourself. You will find that things feel better around you and you no longer mind taking the walks by yourself or cooking food just for one.

You Have Finally Mastered The Art Of Enjoying Your Own Company

When you finally think of new hobbies to work on and various skills you have never thought you will enjoy, it will get evident how much it all matters to you.

At this point, you will realize that there is so much to do and worry about than ‘them’ out there. No matter whatever the amount of love you offered them, when you offer the same to yourself, you realize how powerful you are.

The bad days are over, and now you are happy. You strive for more happiness, not in others but in your own self. This is the final result of healing which you have successfully accomplished.

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