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Divided Between Meditation And Prayer? Here’s The Difference Between The Two Practices

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Around the world, meditation and prayer, in free or structured form, play a huge role in our everyday life. So, do they serve any purpose in our lives or do we have to distinguish them? Also, is there any difference between these two?

There are people who feel uncomfortable when it comes to traditional prayer, saying that they find it hard to imagine a God somewhere in the sky who doles out all those requested blessings of some people, while not of others.

Is this because of absence of faith or does it results from doing good deeds in order to warrant their desired outcome? For a lot of people, sending the prayer up to the gift giver will not resonate.

Some of them believe that prayer actually is the only focused intention. In fact, it is the desiring of a particular outcome. Does that mean that such desires create an intention out in our Universe and that the belief about actualization also creates those forces which conspire actually to align the circumstances?

There are those that believe in the prayer’s powers, and also in the powers of prayers in a group. They do not believe in the sense that more individuals that are asking God are going to attract his attention on their own way, but instead, collective awareness of wishes puts the wave of energies all around the Universe.

So, when you see a person that is distressed and in need, you will send him or her some prayer of kindness and compassion. You will silently send love and light to the ones all over the world, unknown and known. Your faith consists of the energies of the loving and compassionate thoughts, instead of requesting blessings. People believe that the unseen forces actually exist in the frontier which we never realized before.

But, in what way does meditation differ from prayer? In fact, the meditation is meant for our higher self, instead of our higher being. Also, meditation is in our mind’s silence that goes in the unknown, giving rewards to the ones that practice it openly and peacefully.

Meditation, which is silent, deeply focused, and expansive, does not ask for anything, but it only listens. Meditation is listening to the silence or space between our thoughts. Also, it will elevate the person that practices it to a better self-awareness and more peacefulness and clarity during the day.

Religious individuals around the world are praying for the desires and needs they have so that they can be met, but still, there are wars and violence when it comes to religion now, just as they existed in history.

Does a universal prayer exist, a prayer which anyone could use, or does a global meditation exist, which can also be utilized by every one of us? Also, despite the beliefs in religions, and the possible existence of deities, could meditation and prayer intersect at some point, and even elevate every one of us, collectively? Could the meditation or [prayer be based on gratitude? Well, the universal law of attraction has to respond to focused energies of gratitude.

Can you imagine the changes in this world when every one of us will use two words of meditation or prayer, upon awakening, and they are “Thank you.”

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