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The North Pole Is Changing So Rapidly That It Could Require Major Updates To The World’s Magnetic Model

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by Conscious Reminder

Recently, the journal Nature has published a study in which the seriousness of the changes of the magnetic North pole was highlighted.

Unluckily, the study also showed that the magnetic model of the world needs to be updated urgently so that it can continue functioning in the proper way.

It was supposed that the model from right now is going to have the ability to work until 2020; however, in recent time, everything surfaced, and it turned out that the North magnetic pole shifts with great speed, so if the model is not fixed immediately, some people will start receiving wrong navigations.

In fact, WMM is quite important as, without its existence, most of the things such as smartphone trackers or ships are not going to have the ability to keep moving properly and in the right direction.

With this, the shutdown of the federal government delayed the model’s updating. As the magnetic North is inching more and more towards Siberia, the model needs an update more than ever before.

As the same journal reported, there was one new model scheduled for upgrading for yesterday, the 15th of January, but we still need to wait as the government is working on this with the British Geological Survey.

Although we may not be able to understand the reason for the moving of the North magnetic pole, we are now on the so-called standstill. Also, it was mentioned that this update could happen on the 30th of January, but until that time comes, we can still not be sure. One WMM used right now is from four years ago, in 2015, but it is inaccurate, so it should be in the threshold soon.

Will Brown from BGS Team gave an explanation saying that since 2014, the field varied in unpredicted, and still unpredicted manner. This was the reason why WMM became less accurate, especially at the high latitudes of North, quicker than usual, so they decided to release the update along with the following scheduled release of WMM later in 2019.

Some field changes which happened since 2015 can be mapped, and it can be shown that they look like they are connected with two phenomena: the abrupt and unpredictable change which is called the geomagnetic jerk, from 2014 and 2015, and the second one is the acceleration for the flow which was in the center of the Northern Hemisphere.

The update to WMM is going to be utilized until the following release in this year in December, and they say they are going to do their best estimate when it comes to changes in the field somewhere until 2025.

However, he also mentioned that this WMM update is not the only one impacted by this lack of funds.

While the researchers still don’t know the reason why this magnetic field, which is generated by the molten iron core of the planet Earth, fluctuates more than it is expected, it was suggested that this acceleration may be as a result of the polar magnetic upwelling, but one research from recently, focused more on some numerical simulations from the hydromagnetic wave dynamics in order to explain the geomagnetic acceleration.

So, the wandering pole appears to be the cause of all the mess, but it cannot be said that it is the single thing which contributed to the update of the model.

Currently, scientists work to start to understand why such drastic changes happening in this magnetic field even occur, so with time, we will be able to understand everything better.

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