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Today’s Cancer New Moon & Leo Transit Inspire You To Stop Taking Everything So Seriously

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by Conscious Reminder

Cancer season 2020 brought with it a basketful of emotional energy. We have all been feeling rather moody since the 21st June New Moon Solar Eclipse, and things are not looking up anytime soon.

Some strong, some passable, some too intense to let go- this past month has been an emotional roller coaster. And Mercury turning Retrograde in Cancer further added to those woes. Things we thought were resolved were again pushed our way, forcing us into another wave of healing.

As rough as the month has been, it has also illuminated new sectors. We understand our emotions better now, which gives us the clarity to overcome many obstacles. The second New Moon in Cancer is coming up on 20th July, at 1:32 pm EDT.

This is a rather rare lumination, being in the same sign consecutively. This luminary will have us following up on the initiatives we took during the 21st June New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Second New Moon In Cancer

Rising in the nurturing and homely sign of Cancer, this New Moon will ask us to repair our bonds with the family. This is also a great time to refresh things around the house. And with Mercury being direct now, it will allow us the confidence to speak our mind.

Revamping your room or even house is up for grabs. Pay attention to the things that tickle your imagination. Don’t rush through things, but take your time to curate your ideal corner. And by taking your time, we mean you have almost 6 months now!

This July New Moon will start a new six-month cycle, which will end on 29th December 2020. But just because you have a lot of time does not mean you should let the inspiration brought about by the Monday Moon go to waste. Take some action this Monday, and you won’t regret it.

For starters, be open to new perspectives. You might have been frustrated with a particular situation, but it is now time for you to change your point of view. The New Moon will help you see and feel something new.

Let’s Welcome Leo Season

Soon after the New Moon in Cancer, we welcome Leo season on the 22nd. With the Sun shifting signs, we will be showered with Leo’s playful and passionate energy. This is the time to let your inner child shine. This Leo month is perfect to return to childhood activities or just take up new adventures.

Take up activities that you have always wanted to try but never got the chance. And if it has an element of adventure or thrill, nothing like it! Even if you decide to go out, remember the social distancing and other safety guidelines.

Leo season usually invokes the leader in us all. We all feel the urge to take charge and get things done. If not for others, take charge of your own self.

Lean into your heart and listen to what it says. This is the organ this zodiac sign rules, and it will guide you for the next few weeks. Listen to your heart, revive your childlike sense of wonder, and make the world your own kingdom this Leo season.

The second half of July is all set with the New Moon in Cancer and the beginning of the Leo season. Let the Moon help you rebuild your familial bonds and return to your childhood with Leo this month.

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