Learn How To Let Go, Even If It’s A Loved One

by Conscious Reminder

Learn how to let go of things and people, even if you love them. This is a great law of attachment.

When you hold on tight to a person just because you are afraid you are going to lose him or her, you lose even more than you think and can imagine.

Take a deep breath and let people take responsibility for their own life and actions. Don’t try to change the, let alone fix them. I’m going to telly you straight away, it’s impossible.

Everyone belongs only to their own self. Never try to change people around you, because it always backfires.

Accept them the way they are, as we are all different. Isn’t that the beauty of diversity? Why would you like to assimilate another being?

Unlike the popular belief, similarities, false compromises and shared past aren’t what makes people close. People feel close to one another when they celebrate their differences.

When they are happy for another person, whether that’s someone in your inner circle, or a a complete stranger on the street.

When you don’t try to change and relentlessly bomb people with your advice; when you don’t try to make them believe that they are wrong and you are right – that’s when people get close. The bond gets stronger and stable.

When you simply communicate with a person, as if you are reading a book that you agree or disagree with (you can’t impose your opinion on a book, right?), you keep things light and interesting.

It’s a beautiful feeling of lightness that not only it doesn’t let you grow apart, but it pulls you closer to each other.

Unfortunately, in order to understand such elementary things, it costs us a lot, and sometimes we pay the price with losing some people. So, be wiser next time.

Even if you don’t agree, a lighter grip usually results in a stronger bond. Give people space to breath.

You will feel a lot better if you don’t put so much effort into keeping them around. It wares you out.

Much Love And Light!

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