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Being Love & The Different Levels Of Loving

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Some of us make love, which is physical. However, some of us fall in love, which is romantically, and some of us are actually love, consciously.

Those of us who are love consciously, we are love when it comes to everything we meet.

When it comes to romantic love, we fall in love with a person and we say ‘I am in love with him” or “I am in love with her,” which means that the person is our connection to a specific place in ourselves where we are in love for we cannot get there only by ourselves.

We need a person. We are in love with that person. Because, when we come near that person, we feel the place in ourselves and we do not feel it until we are around the person – we are in love with that person.

One problem could be that the person we love is in time or he or she is going to die or even go away and lose interest in us.

The person can also become the connection of someone else, so that we will not just love him or her, but also hate them, or we will be afraid of them as they have such powers over us. That is the so-called romantic love. In fact, that is the motif for the innumerable love songs and poems.

But, when we arrive at the following phase, when we come into meditation, or when we dwell at the place inside our chest, the place which is love, we don’t need something, and everyone we look at will be our beloved.

At first, that could be quite complicated socially. However, we will work that out unless we are sure that we don’t need to collect our lovers.

And we can simply walk around, looking into the eyes of another being, and love that person that there will not be them or us, there will only be the presence, the love, and the moment. We never miss steps when we keep right while we walk.

In our Universe, economics change, politics change, or social problems also change. The question is how we can become the instrument of political or social or economic change?

In ourselves, we become the love statement, or the statement of awareness, and choiceless, and we become a moment, meaning that everyone who comes near us will be liberated by our presence if he or she is prepared. We don’t do anything to anybody. We simply live our life.

So, which life do we live?

Well, we live whatever our dharma demands. If our work is protesting the races injustice, we protest. If our work is raising a family, we raise our family. If our work is being an excellent lawyer, we are an excellent lawyer.

If our work is being a shoemaker, we are a shoemaker. Also, if our work is meditation in some cave, we will meditate in some cave. When there is no blame, there is no reward. We do our dharma.

Each act we do we actually do as the vehicle for becoming the meditative, present, and loving moment. This love statement is the choiceless awareness statement.

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