The Extremely Potent New Moon On 4th February Keeps You Optimistic & Hopeful

by Conscious Reminder

On 4th of February, 2019, the New Moon will be at 15° Aquarius. This is a great alignment as it brings optimism and happiness into our lives.

It will also push us to move towards our dreams. This new moon is philosophical, so you can expect a spiritual growth taking place within you. When Saturn will sextile Neptune, it will bring you hope and spiritual wisdom.

What does New Moon Mean?

The New Moon indicates the conclusion of a cycle and the commencement of another 28-day cycle. When the Sun conjuncts Moon, it brings vitality and is a good time to begin life again. The New Moon on February 4th is going to last for 4 weeks up until 6th of March. It is also a positive alignment and brings a great start to our lives.

Astrological Position

The New Moon on February 4th will be at 15°45′ Aquarius. It will be in conjunct with Mercury and will trine with Jupiter – a great alignment that brings optimistic thoughts and generous outlook. When the New Moon is in its midpoint, it will create a sextile with Neptune which develops your spiritual side,

New Moon will Conjunct Mercury

The new moon will conjunct Mercury which will help us to concentrate on communication and thinking. Since the New Moon will also sextile Jupiter, it will bring in happiness and generosity into your lives. So, you can expect that communication would be better and it will bring you new opportunities for spiritual and material growth.

The opportunities will amplify your wealth and make you content regarding your life. However, the orbs of these aspects are not very strong, though it does combine with the Mercury sextile Jupiter alignment, which makes it stronger.

Mercury will Sextile Jupiter

Mercury will sextile Jupiter during this phase. It brings optimism and enhances our decision-making abilities. If you look ahead, you can visualize how life will turn out to be and you can use that knowledge to make better decisions.

Also, since you will have good communications skills during this period, your relationship will look up. You will be able to make new friends, socialize better and enter into business contacts. Just be tactful and diplomatic to land a great opportunity.

Since it will be a positive period for you and the world, you can expect a stress-free situation during this time. You will be willing to learn more and optimism will push you forward. Since good luck will the theme of this alignment, you can watch the news and see some heartwarming progress in humanitarian causes.

When Saturn will Sextile Neptune

Saturn will Sextile Neptune during this period and it will help you gather some material gains from your spiritual dreams. You know your dreams but now you will be confident that you are capable enough to follow your dreams and make it a reality with a bit of hard work.

You will be aware of your limitations but you will also have a positive outlook that will keep you hopeful about conquering your limitations. Due to the spiritual wisdom that you gain during this period, you will become more patient and would sacrifice short terms pleasures for better returns in the future.

It is also possible for you to become a ray of hope for another person and inspire them to follow their dreams. This New Moon is great for looking inward, meditation and entering into a peaceful ritual. Make some time for a prayer or enter into voluntary service. It will help you with your spiritual growth.

The Stars in New Moon

The New Moon will be occurring in the middle of the Capricorn Constellation. This means that the Capricorn lies in the Aquarius sign. It is due to the early making of the Zodiac which was made to align with the names of the constellation.

The February New Moon 2019 is in conjunct with two stars present in the small constellation of Delphinus the Dolphin. It brings cheer and motivation to travel. However, happiness may be a bit low due to the presence of duplicity and ingratitude. The Dolphin symbolizes philanthropy. It means an individual who loves their children and is religious, so it is ultimately a positive sign for you.

Asteroid Amphitrite

The New Moon is also in conjunct with the Asteroid 29 Amphitrite. While it may not have any significant power roles, there is a connection with Amphitrite and Dolphin in the Greek myths Amphitrite was a goddess of sea and when Poseidon spotted her, he proposed.

But Amphitrite was a bit shy and so she fled so that she remained a virgin. Poseidon sent Dolphin after Amphitrite to persuade her, and Dolphin was successful in her work. From then on, the couple lived a happily married life.

The New Moon brings a lot of positive into our lives. We will be able to sail through this alignment, but we should concentrate on our growth as well so that we move to a happy future.

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