9 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Subconsciously Communicating With You

by Conscious Reminder

One of the most powerful connections which two individuals may have is the connection of twin flames.

Because of that, the twin flame telepathy is one common phenomenon which often starts before they meet for the first time. When we are aware of the signs we are supposed to look at, we may have the ability to feel when our twin flame communicated with us by the energy vibration of our soul.

1. The heart starts racing suddenly.

For our connection with our twin flame, heart chakra will be the anchor. This will be the primary sign indicating that our twin flame communicates with us telepathically – the racing heart which starts suddenly.

2. Our stomach flutters.

The next thing we are going to notice is our stomach fluttering, which is commonly called butterflies. The rising of the energy can cause this from our lower and primary chakras, which indicate the depth which this connection has.

3. We feel that they are present.

Twin flames also share their energy signatures. We felt such signatures before, and they are the ones responsible for feeling that we are around someone. We are going to feel in that same way; we would feel like they are there as their energy signatures have reached across our soul energy connections and existed within us.

4. They tend to invade our senses.

Our senses will be overloaded with our twin flame’s energies when the so-called twin flame telepathy becomes active. We may also get certain mental images related to our twin flame, or smell them and hear them. When combined with those feelings of being present, this experience may be very eery, in fact.

5. They may touch us.

Some powerful connections also permit physical contact. That physical contact may range from barely touching us to holding our hand. There are some who may even kiss purely or hug us with the use of telepathic energy.

If we are patient enough, this may continue further on – but, that is left to our imagination. But, this can also be risky, as we will never know if that person is our real or false twin flame who sucks energy from us.

6. Our body is filled with warmth.

All those energies which are traveling from our twin flame while they are communicating with us will raise our vibrations. Usually, we are going to find them giving us the warm feeling which every one of us associates with comfort, belonging and ease, just like the hug for our soul.

7. We may feel lightheaded and dazed.

All that extrasensory information or revitalizing energy may prove a lot more for our chakras, in that way producing the feeling of lightheadedness and daze. This feeling would be much as being slightly tipsy.

8. Fits of giggles all of a sudden.

Concerning this, we may also find when our twin flame communicates with us that we fall into the fit of giggles.

Laughing as a crazy person may occur because of energy overload; however, equally, it may also be the result of our twin flame sharing some jokes with us.

9. Coming after a hum or buzz.

Usually, the telepathic communication of twin flames is something that every one of us will feel coming.

The feeling of hum or the hearing of buzz and even getting Goosebumps will all be the signs indicating that a specific message is on the way.

When we know all these signs, they will help us in getting the best of our telepathic communication with our twin flame. When we pay better attention to our body, soul, and mind, we may understand ourselves better or our twin flame too, and even the journey we are inevitably sharing.

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