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Riding The Lower Vibrations: Love Smothers Fear!

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by Conscious Reminder


As we navigate the energies that are around us, each being in a different position in the world, we can see clearly the effects of certain events on those who are on the Ascension journey. The effects of certain situations, particularly in the US will have a ripple effect into the collective, after all there is a lot of energy being shared at the moment. Sensitive souls will feel all of the lower vibrations, no matter whether they are involved or not, it is present in the atmosphere in which we live. It is really important to nourish ourselves properly, especially during times of tremendous change around the place in which we live. We can see many are running for cover or are pointing the finger – there is no middle ground, so the extremes of energy are very easily felt.

Riding the waves with a surfboard, and as the board itself, will allow you to avoid getting drawn into situations that are really of no significance. If one is focused on the here and now, and too interested in anything more than their own small universe, it is really quite easy to grab the surf, and ride the waves. It may take some balancing to get through it, but we have all been prepared for this. We are all learning the new, and putting it into play, so we shall do all that we can to avoid being brought down to others low vibrations. If you are surrounded by this type of energy, do what you can to protect yourself. If you are able to distance yourself from it all even better, and this does not mean in a physical way either. We have prepared ourselves to be able to adapt in these energies, and this may mean visualizing the ocean so you can become the surfboard.

Gone Fishing!

We have the ability to extract ourselves from most situations, but in a lot of cases it is empowering self to do this freely and without worrying about what else is happening. You have a duty to yourself to rise above the vibrations, and to be the example for others to walk alongside you and with you. If you are able to take a day off, and go fishing, or a hike in the mountains, or something that allows you to engage with Mother Nature. She too is struggling with all the crap the human race is complaining about. She wants to rejuvenate too, so whenever you can, take that time for yourself, and join Mother Nature, and rejuvenate together. Become on with her, and self, and enjoy all that she shares. Appreciate her by showing appreciation and awareness of what she is going through, and in return she will nourish you.

There are many things that the mind cannot and will never be able to understand or fathom out, and I believe we do not need to know it all. There are surprises to be enjoyed, so allow the mind to be switched off at least for a few hours. Practically speaking this should be a straight forward exercise, we just have to remember that we shall do it regularly. We shall not lose sight of what we have done, and the lessons we have learned. We shall also be checking up on our own progress, and appreciating ourselves. We need to remind ourselves that all that matters is right here and right now. So if you find yourself being drawn into someone else's debate or issue, take a break and remember it is not yours.

Love Smothers Fear!

We can all see the levels of fear have been raised over the past few days, and this can never be a good thing. People who want change shall achieve it for themselves. When you empower someone else to make changes to the way you live, who is in control. Worse still, when you empower someone else, and they then deliberately or maliciously stick to their own ego ways, what are you going to do? You are going to start to get involved in a cycle of magnifying fear, which as we all know has a ripple effect. Self-empowerment is something we have been working on for such a longtime, and when we give it away, we begin to lower our vibration. This applies to all aspects of life, and how we live life too. It does not matter what the politicians, media and others are doing, they will continue to do so for their own reasons and demise. Please don't be drawn into it. Do your own thing and create your own path forward.

We are all empowered now to do this for ourselves. We are love, we have to feel it inside us, at the very core of who we are and let the puppets and performers do their own thing. You are the most important person on this planet, your soul has been guiding you to where you are right now. With all the new things that have come into your life, don't allow anyone to take you backwards, or to another similar cycle you have already completed. When you remember what you have done and gone through, you will see that reminders to self are crucial to stay on the new path. Love smothers fear, but this is something you are not going to see on the news. You will see it in the way that you are feeling inside and where you are going to.

You Are So Amazing!

Look in the mirror and repeat those words to your reflection! It is not vanity it is the truth. You are such an amazing being, a very powerful and amazing loving soul, which is just scratching the surface of your true potential. Walk through the barriers of fear, and never look back. Don’t doubt for one minute anything that you are doing? The Universe will very quickly show you when you deviate, as long as you are aware of the signs being presented. It is real, it is happening, and we are moving forward and we will achieve great success. Believe Believe Believe, because you are really an amazing person.

I love you and look forward to walking alongside you and to truly enjoying this incredible journey together.

We are the magic dust to save the world!

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About the Author: Deane Thomas experienced a physical relationship with his Divine counterpart, spending nearly 4 years together.  This lead to his own awakening and breaking of the veils of illusion. He has healed and grown spiritually, he now dedicates his time to helping, healing and teaching others. He has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new. You can find more of his work on http://www.askdeano.com

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