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The Cosmic Movements In February Bring A Strong Energy Shift We All Are Going To Feel

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by Conscious Reminder

The Chinese New Year is upon us and this is the year of the Golden Pig. It will be heralded by a new moon in the constellation of Aquarius at around 1:04 pm in the afternoon on the fifth. This month’s astrological shifts will end with the Sun in the constellation of Pisces on the 18th.

Important dates to watch out for would be Feb 1st-4th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th-22nd and 27th at the end.


Venus in Capricorn (Feb 3rd to March 1st)

Venus in Capricorn is all about people reaping the rewards of their hard work and toil, be it on a personal level or at the team level. At the same time, this phase is all about working to ‘crack the system’.

It means putting in effort in a concentrated manner towards something common, a universal goal. As a result, your effort is totally goal oriented and exclusively concerns the goal at hand. So, you will necessarily do the work-at-hand instead of going for big and unachievable things.

What this also warrants is self-evaluation. If you ever had doubts about your job, this would be the time for some serious evaluation.

A productive building phase, this also works on the level of the universe. So, is this the time we see some serious conflict resolution in the world politics front?

Venus will form important conjunctions with Saturn (Feb-18th), Pluto (Feb-22nd) and Uranus (Mar-1st). These would be the crests of a spiritual consciousness development cycle.

Mercury in Pisces (Feb-10th to Apr-16th)

Mercury in Pisces is all about good, smooth-sailing transition points. And those are always great for creativity, good communication, imagination, and hermetic dreaming (interpreting your dreams when you are awake).

Elusive, abstract goals that concern art and the deeper inquiries of life will seem a bit more concrete and gettable.

On Feb-18th, Mercury finds itself in conjunction with Neptune, which has the potential to turn an idea into a reality. It will also expose secrets and bring out thoughts that lie inside your subconscious mind.

At the same time, it also foreshadows Mercury’s retrograde phase, starting March-5th and continuing till March-28th.

Mars in Taurus (V-day to March-30th)

This has the potential of bringing things down to their pace. This is because Taurus is all about patience and being grounded and in the class where one belongs. But expect some fire in matters of money, existence, and sex.

We will see the effects of Mars in Aries slowly wearing off, ushering in a calm like never before.

Chiron in Aries (Feb-18 to Apr-2027)

Chiron is the healer centaur and he is going to station himself for quite a few years into Aries. This can mean that the scars of the body and mind, thanks to Aries and its warlike existence, will slowly heal over time. All thanks to the curative measure of Chiron.

Also, this is the phase where gateways to your own soul open up, which is always a welcome thing.

Get to know yourself better and learn to love yourself a little more if you can.

Super full moon

This full moon on Feb-19th is going to be nearer than the total solar eclipse on Jan-21st.

It will form in Virgo and there will be consequences of this felt all over Earth.

The best part would be that this coincides with Venus’s conjunction with Saturn and the Sun entering Pisces. And they were already coinciding with Chiron entering Aries and Mercury conjoining Neptune.

The month is full of potential for revealing secret thoughts and dreams and holds the energies needed for an awakening. Utilize them well.

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