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The Way You Died In A Past Life Matters A Lot

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by Conscious Reminder

There are people who are inexplicably afraid of fire. They even don’t have the ability to light a candle because they feel anxious.

That leads to the question: Did those people died in an accident with fire in their past lives? Well, it turns out that it is actually not so unusual for people to have some fears which are an association with how they died in their previous life.

Those people that believe in the existence of reincarnation are definitely going to agree with one statement which says that death is probably the most terrible and traumatic experience which a person can ever experience. People’s deaths in their previous lives may have an enormous effect on their current lives.

Do you have some struggles in specific areas of life or do you have some blocks or fear which gets in your personal way? You may have problems in making improvements when it comes to your career, and you continue falling at some specific goal.

You can also struggle with your relationships. However, whatever your struggles are, the chance is that it may be associated with death experiences from your past life. So, the good thing is that when we remember the death from your past life and we understand it may sometimes get you free from your life burdens. 

Remembering a death from our past life: How to do it?

These are the four signs which may help us determine how we died in our past life:


Fears are probably the most frequent way in which we can discover what we died from previously in our past life. If we are hypochondriacs who are afraid of getting sick, we probably died of some illnesses such as plague. When we feel terrified of a certain thing, without any reasonable reason for our fear, maybe it may provide an insight into our death in a previous life.


There are times when death leaves physical marks. For instance, a gunshot may leave a mark such as a bullet wound, or a stabbing may leave a small scar. A lot of people believe that birthmarks are actually signs from some experiences we had in our past life. There are cases in which people claimed a birthmark looks like a wound which killed them. Others believe that albinism or freckles could also be a sign of someone being burned to death in his past life.


Memories from our past life also come through while we dream. If we sometimes died in our dreams, we certainly know that it may be unsettling. But, before we go and scare ourselves thinking that we experienced a promotion, we should take into consideration the fact that we were probably dreaming our death which already happened in our past life.


While our intuition strengthens, we should not be surprised at all when we start having random insights related to certain things. We can even find ourselves flooded with memories from our past life. One important thing would be to trust our gut instinct. When we know that we died in a specific way in our past life, we should accept that information and also ask our spirit guides about how the information may help us in our future.

So, understanding a death from our past life may help us make a good sense of all those patterns and anxieties we are subconsciously having and experiencing in our current life.

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