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What Is A Presentiment And How To Sharpen Your Intuition

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by Conscious Reminder

We have it in us to predict the future and science says so.

Scientists showed several images to volunteers which were arranged to conjure a negative or a positive reaction.

It could be that of a child smiling or the picture of an accident or a similar incident just as vivid and forceful. The scientists linked the volunteers to certain scientific equipment which gave a measure of how they reacted to every image.

Predictably, the positive images had a soothing effect and the images with negative connotations caused stress. But when the tests were repeated, the volunteers behaved uncannily during tests.

Their nervous system reacted even before the pictures were revealed. Their reactions were unconscious and instinctive emanating from their nervous system.

This reaction is akin to the “gut feeling,” divination, or premonition that rouses and excites the gut, another word for being intuitive. Presentiment is the scientific word for our ability to sense the future.

As with all other instincts and bodily functions, we can improve upon it with training. The secret lies in finding where the insight or impulse exists in our body. Most of us can detect such impulsive tendencies in our gut.

However, the feeling might differ depending on the nature of the sensation, which might be negative, positive, or neutral.

There are instances when people experience such feelings in a different part of their body. Some people sense it in the hands while others experience it in their forehead or between their eyes.

Improving Your Intuitive Capabilities

The first step is to identify the nature of the hunch/experience. We also need to determine which part of our body we sensed it and our experience of the feeling. Further, we should determine, trace, and record it in our process of experiencing the sensation. Did we notice any difference when the nature of the sensation differed?.

A Novel Experiment

A way to fortify the muscles that control your ‘gut feeling’

1. When you feel that you are in the throes of encountering some premonition, what is the exact physical impression? Is it just a mild tickle, or a strong physical sensation?

2. Where do you feel it?

3. If the nature of the sensation changes from negative to neutral to positive, does the part of the body where the sensation is felt changed? Further, is there a change in the feeling that courses through your body?

4. It would help immensely if a thorough record can be maintained of the intuitions that we have felt. The things to minutely note are the part of the body in which the sensation is experienced; whether a change in the nature of a sensation from positive to negative has any impact on the intensity of the feelings; or does the part of the body in which we feel the impact of the experience change.

Learn to facilitate your abilities to experience psychic information which will enable you to view the world and all its immense secrets with the complete spectrum of light and color.

Believe in your ability to encounter the cosmic forces that are reaching out to you. 

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