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You Can Read People’s Energy And This Is How

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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, you probably met a person whose energy was so intense that you instantly knew you could not stand him or her or you think you fell in love, although you met him or her for the first time. There are times when the energy of a person may literally knock you off your feet.

However, for a lot of people, those appear to be infrequent occurrences. In fact, they can happen several times in a few years. However, what about your relationships with other people? Don’t you think that it will be great when you will have the ability to read the energy of someone else at will? So, if you could read it:

  • You could recognize when someone plans to do you harm;
  • You will know that a romantic partner has been interested in you;
  • You will know that your loved person was having a hard time;
  • You will have the ability to sense bad energies;
  • You will have a stronger relationship as you would sense where individuals came from using their energy.

Well, there is actually the possibility to learn how to read the energies of other people, whether we know them well or they are strangers.

If we would like to learn to read the energies of people, we need to practice how to work with energies. We can do that by reading books which are about reading energies. Another important thing is to have a clear intention on the mind, and setting that intention can make a huge difference in this world.

Here are the four exercises we can try if we want to be a master of energy reading of the people around us:

We can start with ourselves.

First of all, we have to notice our own energy. To read other people’s energies, we have to know our own energy first. We have to know our baseline. When we are not aware of what our energy actually feels like, we are also not going to know if we pick up on someone else’s energy.

One important thing in doing this is present. We are not supposed to think about yesterday, last week or month, or also tomorrow. We have to be present in the now, and monitor our feelings during the whole day.

Sometimes we will feel good, and sometimes bad. However, we will see that there is actually one point to which we often return. There is a so-called emotional baseline which is going to be considered our norm. When we know that norm, we will have the ability to detect when the energy of someone knocks us off of it.

We should note pets and babies’ energies.

We should note the energies of pets and babies. In fact, there are certain things about pets and babies which make them purer than the adults. They don’t try to hide something, they have clear intentions, and they don’t have hidden agendas.

Their energies reflect all that. While we work to strengthen our skills for reading energies, we can practice on pets or babies, and we will definitely have a much easier period than when we started practicing on adults. We should consider picking up the moods of pets and babies, and note how they change.

We should move on to the people we know.

We should identify about three people who we are going to see in the following several days. When in the presence of those people, we should take several moments and ask ourselves how we feel their energies. Then, we should think of some adjectives in order to describe how it feels.

Was it welcoming, abrasive, harsh or repelling? Do those people feel like they are energy vampires? We should not ignore anything which comes on our mind. We can write down our impressions, as they will help us remember how our intuition, in fact, spoke to us. When our intuition speaks at us, we will have the ability to apply its lessons.

We should focus on strangers.

We can go to some public place in which we will have the ability to sit during the time that others come out or in. We can do that at part or a restaurant. We should notice our feelings anytime someone comes near.

We should also notice if we feel in a specific way when there is only one person around, or in a distinct way right when more people come around. When we notice that the energy around us changes, we will get a much better view of how that energy feels or what those feelings may tell us about someone.

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