Do You Have An Angel In Disguise In Your Life? Look For These 9 Signs

by Conscious Reminder

Although we are not hearing a lot about angels on the planet Earth, it is said that they are present everywhere.

They have been placed here, regardless of the fact if they are aware of that or also not, to be helpful for the people in this world.

The signs which will help us in figuring out if we are angels are not really helpful regarding to figure out if some people close to us are angels or our physical guardian angels.

Here, we will talk about nine signs; when we notice these signs, there is a chance that we have a more profound connection with the person than we thought we had.

Nine signs indicating that a person in our life is an angel:

1. The person may tell when we are upset.

He or she has the ability to tell when we are upset, although we never show it. This person may see our inner workings or when something bothers us. He or she does not need to look so far in order to know what we have on our mind.

2. The person entirely changed our way of feeling within.

He or she has the ability to make us feel wide open or bring our willingness in us that other people cannot. This person changes our way of seeing things inside or provides our being with more light. This is definitely not something that anyone is able to do.

3. The person makes us feel comfortable and talk about everything.

He or she will make us feel comfortable. So, when we are around them, we know we have the freedom to talk about everything. This happens regardless of the fact if we know him or her more or for only a short time.

4. The person will listen to us on a more profound level.

He or she listens to everything we say. When we speak, this person takes everything in and never questions us. He or she allows us to vent entirely.

5. The person will give us energy when we are at our weakest.

He or she is a person that is going to brighten our spirits. When we are without energy and also at our lowest, simply seeing this person will make us feel better. He or she will give us the boost that no one can.

6. The person will heal us even when we are around him or her for a short time.

He or she has the ability to heal us of things we never believed we would be healed from. Although we don’t need to talk a lot about it, simply bringing it up will be enough. He or she sparks something in us which allows us to keep moving.

7. The person will always give us the most appropriate advice, but without telling us what we should do.

He or she will always listen to us from an external perspective. This person will give us advice but will never pressure you. Finally, he or she will know what decision we are going to make.

8. The person never judges us.

The person is not someone that is going to judge us. This person will not damn others for the choices they made. He or she is aware that the bigger picture is something which should always be taken in consideration.

9. The person feels just like he or she is not from this world.

The person will not be like the other people around us. This person is different in an unexplainable way. Angels tend to stand out from other people although they are actually more ‘plain Jane’ than others in the same room.

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