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What The Aries New Moon Has In Store For The Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

The April 2022 New Moon will mark the beginning of the year’s fourth month in adventurous Aries.

It will rise to 11 degrees in Aries. Not only are the Moon and the Sun aligning, but also Chiron and Mercury will do the same. The sky will be ablaze with fiery energy driving our desires. So anything will be possible as long as we are honest with ourselves.

Here are how the different star signs going to fare during this lunation:


The spotlight is going to be on you during the New moon. Think about your different personalities when you are by yourself and when you are with others. The lunation will want you to live as honestly and daringly as possible, and of course, be vulnerable.


This lunation is a time for relaxation and recharging. It is absolutely fine to just do “nothing” for a day. Also, try to figure out why you felt the need to do it, what you gained from it, and why you avoid doing so. Self-care is the top priority for this lunation.


The previous two years may have been stressful for your friendships. If you have been craving physical meetups, then the New Moon is perfect for it. It will give you a great chance to start afresh with your friends.


Your theme for this year is your image in public. This New Moon is the start of your career blessings that will be brought later by Jupiter entering Aries. This New Moon energy will be about self-empowerment, being clear on what we want, and being honest with our feelings.


You are craving an adventure, but how ready are you for it? The April New Moon will give you the option of going big, and stepping out of your home. Use the energies to plan out the sights you wish to see and why you want to see them.


The April lunation will ask if you are capable of letting go of someone to accept someone else. This will be a time for reaffirming your self-worth. It will be an adventurous time when it comes to spiritual, physical, sexual, and emotional vulnerability.


The April New Moon is going to be your fresh shot at romance. It will be the spark for reigniting passion in relationships. You will also be taught that there is no need to sacrifice yourself to satisfy someone else.


Ritual is rewarding, provided you know the right place to search for. The Aries New Moon is awakening an urge for adventure inside you, making you see your daily tasks in a new exciting light. Use the energy to cherish each moment.


This is going to be a time for having fun. By fun, we mean the type you had during your childhood. It will be about enjoying the present to the fullest, and then spreading the tale. Take this time to heal the child within you.


The Aries New Moon will be a time to strike a balance in your obligations. People depend on you for a lot of things, but you need to give time to yourself too. Use the lunation to ask for help in your daily duties.


Take the time during this lunation to rest your correspondences – that is establishing guidelines and managing expectations associated with them. Rather, focus on your conversation’s quality.


Your personal finances are getting a restart. With financial freedom coming your way, spend time thinking about your vision of the future and the significance of money in that. Finally, make a detailed plan of how you can achieve those dreams.  

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