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The First Thing You See Reveals Your Best Quality

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all know that our mind has several facets. It is a synthesis of endless contradictions. Sometimes you believe you are a certain kind of person and the next day some incident changes your perception about things.

This art is actually a psychological test to find the most dominant trait of your character. There’s a lot of things isn’t it? Just take a deep breath, look carefully and note the first thing that grabs your attention. We have decoded the picture for you:

1. The Book

Intelligence and intuition are the dual shields of your persona. You can easily understand people at the first glance by peering through the masks they wear. You are almost always sure of what you want and people often seek your advice when they are in a rough place. Because of your tenacity, you can tackle problems quite sportingly and strive to solve them. Your motto of life is to “keep swimming”.

You are always absorbing the energy of people around you because you are highly sensitive. This will lead to boundary issues where you’ll feel people are invading your private space. This is really harmful for the long run as you’ll be exhausted. Take some time off and breathe. Be it your professional or personal life, you need to put aside time for things that help you rejuvenate and be happy.

2. The Flowers

You are a positive soul who sees the good in others. Your heart is full of love and you feel everything is beautiful. You don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle, but prefer to be in your comfort zone. You also try to spread joy because that in turn makes you happy.

Sadly, the world isn’t a bed of roses. While it is good to be trusting, you shouldn’t be too naive. People will try and use you for their own selfish motives. You need to be intuitive and see people just the way they are instead of making excuses for them.

3. The Cross

You don’t fall in love quickly but when you do, you fall hard. Your creativity is your weapon and you can actually master your mind. You aren’t easily swayed by emotions and know when to draw a line.

You are a strong soul. You believe in calling spade a spade. You’d rather tell someone the brutal truth than please them with a lie. Hence, you end up hurting people. Try to be a little less harsh and a little more accommodating.

4. The Balloons

You are a free bird. You are a romantic who lives in the castle of clouds and that too in your own terms. Your thoughts are scattered and you believe things will work out just fine. You are very hopeful.

You get tired of things quickly. You have a lot of good ideas but cannot stick to one. You need a little more focus in your life.

5. The Heart

All you need is love. You are an easy going personality and can cure people’s worries. You are kind hearted. You believe in forgiving and forgetting because you give a lot of second chances.

Because of your caring nature, you become a magnet for shattered souls. You know how a broken heart feels and don’t want anyone else to go through the same pain. You need to know the difference between sacrificing yourself for others and helping them. Self love is important.

6. The Lion King

You are the emblem of pride and bravado. You have a strong sense of self and never question yourself. You know your flaws as well as your powers, take them all in your stride and ace the race of life. You trust a few people hence your circle is small, but you are extremely loyal. Obviously selecting your squad is important, it helps you maintain a balanced life but don’t deprive yourself of genuine bonds.

7. The Laughing Face

You are a genial soul. To you laughter is the essence of life and you wish to spread it as much as you can. You love the limelight and want to revel in it.

Like Chandler from Friends, you use sarcasm to hide your true self at times. You think people won’t love the real you as much as they love the happy-go-lucky you. You need to overcome this fear to actually be at ease and love yourself the way you are.

8. The Tie

Dedication, discipline and dexterity define you. You are a person of few words but you will do everything to keep them. You put your heart and soul in every little thing you do. You aren’t afraid of change and love to take chances.

You are idealistic and have a strict set of rules which you always abide by. Because you see things in absolutes, you miss on the subtle nuances of life at large. Try to be a little less rigid when it comes to other people, you can’t expect everyone to be just like you. Be happy, be free, after all you live only once.

Did what you see first shock you? Or were you expecting it? This test will help you know yourself better and make you aware of the endless possibilities of life. Your only aim in life should be to evolve into a better version of yourself.

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