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Black Moon Lilith Season In Aquarius Will Affect You In Ways Unimaginable

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by Conscious Reminder

Lilith has moved to Aquarius and will remain there till May 2019. Lilith is unpredictable and rebellious. She carries a contradiction of both mother-like femininity and the essence of a powerful seductress.

The Black Moon is provocative and can be destructive too. It is often related to the dark side of our spiritual self. Here are some of the ways in which Lilith will affect all of us:


Lilith becomes competitive when it is in Aries. It rages on and is politically charged. In Aries, Lilith is independent and wants her voice to be heard all over. As a result, she can be quite dominating and can put all her rage on any of her haters. But this rage needs a proper outlet or else, Lilith can disturb your life and daily activities.


In Taurus, Lilith becomes desirous for more. Whatever you need or want, like power, money, or love, this desire will grow stronger. If you can identify what you actually want, then it is possible to calm Lilith as it will help you become more grounded than before. However, if these desires are not fulfilled, then you might end up being more emotional than usual.


Lilith is going to empower your feline curiosity. You are naturally curious and like to enter into new experiences. But it is not always great, is it? Sometimes, you will have a great story, but sometimes, the experience can turn out to be worse. Do you want to live with such regret for a long time?


Cancer brings the mother-spirit in Lilith but it is hard to match it with the powerful seductress present in her. So, the hard combination makes it difficult but it also works well. It almost makes her resemble the power of Goddess Kali Ma. But if you care too much for people who do not really care about you, then you will be bringing your own downfall.


Lilith in Leo embodies the spirit of pride. At their best, they exude a golden aura that mesmerizes those around them. They have an otherworldly charm that they can use — or manipulate — to their advantage, especially on stage. When channeled negatively, pride turns to vanity and these individuals seek only to magnify themselves. Their ability to glamour is just that: an illusion.


Lilith brings envy when it comes in Virgo. Virgos are naturally born perfectionists and so they want to achieve the perfection that they envision. Their study of beauty and their aspirations is what makes them ambitious and envious. But sometimes, it can make them become a bit more critical than usual. They will criticize themselves internally and this will slowly affect their self-esteem in a terrible way.


Libra requires a feminine-like power to console it but Lilith comes in with the energy of an independent demon. It’s a hard characteristic to reconcile with the feminine one. But if you look at it properly, the contradictory elements could combine to form one of the best combinations present. They are perfect if they come in proper proportions in a partner. However, don’t overdo your imagination since such a relationship can cause potential harm as well.


Lilith is independent, but due to her association with taboos, Scorpio is often considered as her ruling sign. Lilith does feel like she is at home here, with her powers of seduction, psychic connection, and acumen in business matters rising. Even psychic powers will be amplified. It will be one of your best periods, but use your powers reasonably. A wrong move will make karma angry.


Lilith would seek for outlets of glory when it is in Sagittarius. In this sign, Lilith wants to be the entertainer – she wants to have the spotlight on her. So, it can go for a wild party or to an exotic location just to bring a bit of adventure in her life. However, when it is compelled to stay in a dull environment or be concerned about others, it starts to get uncomfortable. The truth is not always something she wants to hear.


When Lilith enters Capricorn, she gets greedy. She will look for investment options and start looking into areas where she could make more money. It is a great motivator if you are starting from scratch, but it is not always reasonable. Lilith would make you want to worry about investments all the time even when you are in bed.


Lilith becomes her rebellious self when it is in Aquarius. It does not conform to the traditional norms when it comes to romance or life. Her power is especially useful for artists, visionaries, and politicians – they have a specific vision which is not set in reality and so, they can really flourish with the rebellious spirit of Aquarius.


In Pisces, Lilith takes the help of dreams and reveries. She wants to escape the harsh realities of the present so you will end up daydreaming and imagining a lot. This is because you want to stay in a fantasy rather than in a reality. If you can fight this, then it is possible for you to become a healer, artist, or an empath.

The Black Moon may not be the best moon because Lilith brings a lot of rebellious changes within you. But you should try to remain reasonable and make sure that the spirit doesn’t harm you.

Also, remember not to do something bad during this period as karma will be tracking every step of yours.

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