This Valentine’s Day Is Going To Be Exceptional Because Of Mars’s Transition In Taurus

by Conscious Reminder

The Planet of Desire, Mars moves to the loyal and grounded, Taurus – and that too on Valentine’s Day! Love is truly in the air. In the next six weeks, this alignment will rule your life.

It is slow in the beginning, but eventually, it will gain pace or at least change your life completely. Mars in Taurus is efficient energy that builds physical strengths and also makes you want to pursue cooking. It brings a lot of creature comforts in your life. So, it’s a great time to get what you always wanted.

Here is how Mars in Taurus will affect your life during this period:


Mars has come in your house of finance to make sure that you start spending what you have stored for all this time. You might get a bit frivolous during this period and make some big purchases. You will also pay some of the due bills like medicine and housing bills. It is a great time to make some investments too so that you get good returns later on.


Power is in your hands during this period. So, take up any kind of initiative that you want and move forward with it. If you want to begin a new business, then go for it. If you have plans to engage in a fitness programme, then you can go for that too. Don’t forget that you can do what you want now as you are in control. Just maintain a standard of decorum while you are trying to conquer your opportunities.


You like to remain busy but it is time that you make some time from your schedule and engage in some spiritual practice. It does not have to cost much time, just go out for a walk or meditate. On April 21st, Mars will be entering your sign so there will be a grand revelation. Just calm your outer and inner demons so that they don’t sabotage it.


You need money to get a bit of material security and so you are looking for new opportunities to get it. You are not materialistic but you know that money is necessary and so you are looking out for yourself and your family. But try to socialize during this period too. It will create a network of people and give you more opportunity to have both pleasure and financial gain.


Things will be looking up during this period. If you have been feeling a bit low during your career then it’s time to charge things up because now, you will be rewarded. If your website is looking down then start targeting it better. Mars in Taurus is there to charge you ahead and give you the much-needed boost. It’s time that you get recognized and appreciated.


You just want to get away from this mundane humdrum of life for some time and return stronger than ever. Go and travel if you have to. If you feel like your energy is depleted, then you should try to get it replenished. However, if you are working in publishing or marketing, then get ready to have a tough time during this period.


This period brings you a much-needed transformation. This can be due to several reasons – maybe there is a conflict in your relationship or a financial crisis. Whatever the reason, you will face some challenges and that is good. It will make you come closer to your partner or you can fight and secure a loan. In the end, you will be stronger than before.


Taurus will be settling opposite to you and but someone else has been put in charge of it. So, you can’t be a leader during this period, but you are needed. Just follow the lead of others for now. It can be a colleague, your spouse, or a business partner. It might be for good or bad, but don’t worry. You would like to be partners during this period and learn about the jobs better.


You are naturally adventurous, but Mars in Taurus brings it all to a close. It shuts down your adventurous side because this alignment relies more on being careful rather than being adventurous. So, it is time for you to work on your ventures and check if they will be feasible or not. You have to be patient and persistent. If you have moved in with a lover, then it will be difficult to stay together for now. But don’t fight. Also, keep going for regular health check-ups.


It’s a great creative period in front of you. If the relationship has been a bit unsteady, then it’s time to spice it up. If you are yet to get a lover, then go out and socialize. It is a great time to land a partner if you are willing enough. If you want kids, then it is time to start working for it too. The creation is within you – don’t let it slip away.


You are very social and like to stay outside, but during this period you have to come back home and engage in some house cleaning. Make some space, clear out the junk, and spend some time with your family. There might be some small arguments along the way but don’t get swayed by it. Channel it properly. If there was a real-estate deal that is taking too long to reach completion, it might move to the finish line during this period.


You have gotten very bored lately, so why don’t you get out and start a new life with some distractions. Start traveling. Go for a trip that you always wanted to take. You might even go and meet new people in different clubs. Bring a bit of novelty in your life. However, pace yourself too – don’t get exhausted with so much movement.

Mars in Taurus brings a lot of happiness to couples and singles. This period is going to go great for most of you. So, grow and have a happy time!

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