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7 Ways Mindfulness Unlocks Your Authentic Self

Over the course of our busy lives, in between work, family, and social media, we have a few precious moments to reflect upon our lives. But when we do, let’s be totally honest with ourselves—it can be brutal. Notice how your thoughts tend to be limited to the context of what society and the people around you have to say about you.

But then something miraculous happens. On your way home from the office or a rushed meal out, dusk’s rising luminous moon captivates you, and you experience a moment of ecstasy and utter peace. All is right with the world—and you weren’t thinking about a thing. You were just alive—and brilliantly so! What was the shift? You were mindful—in other words, open to the greater reality that life is supporting you in every way to be your best, most authentic self.

Here’s how to feel this way every day.

Slow Life Down Each Day

You may have already experienced various forms of mindfulness through meditation, yoga, or immersing yourself in nature. Even going for a walk is a form of mindfulness. Life itself is immensely satisfying when we let go of unrealistic expectations and enter into the “Zen” or flow of life. You’ve been practicing mindfulness intermittently throughout your life without knowing it. Recall those moments and how you felt a sense of calm and well-being within your body. Notice how balanced your world became. Consciously choose to make time to create spaciousness each day.

Thoughts are Linear

Attempting to solve thoughts with more thoughts was Einstein’s definition of insanity. Move beyond whether the glass is half empty or half full, and tap into the eternal and internal spring of your highest wisdom instead. When you don’t allow space around your thoughts, you are reactive rather than responsible. Whenever a challenge arises, rather than carelessly and spontaneously reacting, surprise those involved by remaining silent.

Silence is extremely powerful and contains miracles. It shifts habitual patterns.

Give Your Imagination a Break

In Western culture, planning and projecting ahead is one of our greatest assets. To not have a plan is a terrifying prospect. Are you willing to open the door to spontaneity and the creativity that arises out of it? When you don’t know what to do, rather than project different scenarios, ask, “What’s next?” Leaving infinite possibility open is to create a vacuum that the Universe must fill. It is even more powerful than projecting imagined preferred scenarios.

Say “I Don’t Know” Often

Do this at least to yourself! And then sit in the space of I don’t know, even if it is uncomfortable. Emptiness is very challenging, as often, we are expected and paid to know. You do know—it just hasn’t appeared in your awareness yet. Any writer, artist or another creative type will tell you that the muse is within. All inspiration arises from the void of emptiness. Get comfortable with not knowing, rolling around playfully with it.

Higher Truth Arises from Within Mindfulness.

Wisdom, inspiration, and creativity are born in stillness. Creativity is inspiration expressed. All are expressions of the Infinite in small enough bytes each one of us can understand. The beauty of mindfulness is that even a child can express a thought at his or her level of truth and authenticity while continuing to dig deeper. Let us honor one another where we stand, knowing we each travel a unique journey toward higher consciousness.

Your Thoughts are Not Who You Are

Ask a Zen Master or Yogi, and she or he will tell you your identity is not wrapped up in your thoughts. Yet, it is the bane and suffering of our existence to believe it is so. Notice your most bliss-filled moments are empty of thought—a sunrise, your child’s smile. Then ask where from where your thoughts are coming. Are they coming from your brain, or is your brain just a receiver of the consciousness that surrounds you?

You are Enough

Another name for this is self-actualization—your most important guiding light. Remember that it’s only thought that says you’re not enough just as you are. Begin to investigate life through mindfulness. Note that if you were not enough, you wouldn’t be here. This realization is fulfillment in and of itself!

It is our nature to express ourselves in our fullest and most glorious capacity. With this gift, comes responsibility. Greater is the power in discerning when mindfulness can lead to authentic choice and the removal of boundaries within yourself than to continue to react in ways that have outlived their usefulness. To open up your life to your infinite self is to allow others the same opportunity. There is no greater joy than setting yourself and those around you free!

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