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Novak Djokovic, World’s Best Tennis Player: “We’re All Seeking Love And That’s Why We Need To Connect With The Divine Light!”

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Novak Djokovic claims that the key to victory lies in taking control over your mind and emotions.

The American public was interested whether Novak Djokovic meditated regularly, and if it helped him on the tennis court:

“Of course, I meditate on the court too. The first rule of meditation is breathing, right? But, conscious breathing. As a professional athlete you have to learn to breathe.

When you are anxious to break your opponent’s serve or you are playing a game point, you are left on your own. There is no one to replace you like in team sports. You take all the praise, but fault too. It’s all in your hands.

To get 100 percent out of yourself, you have to master the breathing skills, cope with stress and do well under pressure,” said Djokovic, adding:

“The key is having control over your emotions and mind. Even a man like Federer, who seems calm and composed, has internal battles. He learned to control his emotions and is therefore successful.

And Michael Jordan had the ability to get in the zone when it was most needed. All great athletes have that in common. ”

“Why is meditation so important? Because it doesn’t matter what we do, in essence, we are all the same and we all have to dive deep into ourselves in order to see different everything that is happening inside of us, but from a different perspective.

When we go in, we turn off the light for the outside life and try to calm our mind and energy. Why are we trying to do that? Because, after all, we all seek love, happiness and harmony. In order to find them, we must establish a relationship with the divine light. ”

Novak gives the following example:

“Imagine that your mind is a clear sky, and your thoughts are clouds. Clouds are constantly passing, but they are not your mind – if you connect with the clouds immediately, your mind loses the perception of that clear sky.

You won’t be able to see the bigger picture. And it is important to look at things from a different perspective, because then you can choose the thoughts and emotions with which you want to connect. That’s why meditation is so important. ”

He also talked about the Power of Positive Thinking and Affirmations:

“Sometimes, it may seem unusual to say some positive words and affirmations to yourself, but it helps a lot because the world around us is made of energy and that’s exactly how it works – we all have an electromagnetic field and what you send out there, gets right back to you.

That’s why I always try to keep my thoughts positive, but also to make sure that the people I am surrounded with, the news that I read, and the situations I’m facing are also positive…

When you’re surrounded by such energy and when you put your life in that way, then you get positive results. ”

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