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Get Ready For A Powerful New Moon December 7th: Appreciate How Far You Have Come

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by Conscious Reminder

While we came to this year’s last month, we started thinking about where we were, where we came, as well as what will come with the year that follows.

We can feel a little bit anxious knowing what this New Year is going to bring us, or also relieved for having the ability to let go of all those heavy times of this year.

This year is the one of patience. In it, we felt a great inner growth. In this month, we will also have the last cycle of the Moon – the New Moon happening on the 6th and 7th of December, and it will be the last one before the entering of the Eclipses in January.

The New Moon in December, occurring in Sagittarius, will help us to shine some light on every growing we did, and see how far we came.

This was definitely the year for our personal growths, and patience is its keyword too. Every person was called to, in fact, practice patience. Also, with the process of growing, we were probably unable to see the progress we made. But, the energy which comes with this lunar cycle will change everything.

Also called the Dark Moon, this New Moon’s vibes will help us see where we came and the person we are now. We will be able to look at our growth, and our achievements this year, as we already mentioned, this has been the year of inner growth.

Everything a person has to do right now is utilize these energies in order to open his or her eyes, mind, as well as heart, and even travel within in order to be a witness of what is about to come.

You did all the work, and now it will be time to enjoy, rest, as well as seek some adventures, just at a time of entering the season of holidays.

This New Moon is full of adventures. Some of the most exciting things you will find during it are traveling, socializing, and stepping out of the zone of comfort. Also, you will have the ability to ease tensions which appear during this lunar cycle.

Everything, good or bad, stays in your past. You should not permit such events to affect you in some way, and even stop you from getting to the light, as well as the beauty which comes within. Let go of everything and accept joy in your life.

The energy of the sign of Sagittarius always helps people to see the brightness in everything and even focus on the things they feel thankful for. Also, it always helps people to take a look of the brighter picture and see life from a better perspective.

Also, having some problems in life which are full of needs or drama which has to be clear, you can probably use and see all those energies of this New Moon in the month of December, as they will shine new lights or even brings some new gratitude or wisdom to some situations. 

This month is definitely the one in which you can focus on all those blessings everywhere around you, or even for practicing gratitude for every single thing you have in life.

You should not focus on everything that you were supposed to do, or you were not, but focus on your path and where you came until now. This was a year of challenges, but somehow, you were good, and you succeeded through it – now, you are better and stronger than before as a result of that.

You should celebrate your progress and your achievements. Also, feel proud of yourself as you are here, standing, growing, as well as being interested in reaching your better self. This is something that will be worth all the celebration.

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